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4 years

I can’t believe that it’s already been 4 years that your gone.
It’s feels like an eternity since the last time I hugged you., since the last time I brushed you, since the last time I kissed your head. 4 years since the last time I got to be with you. It feels like an eternity yet also feels like just yesterday you were giving me some type of attitude and protest about something. You were my everything and you will still be for the rest of my life. You were a once in a lifetime horse and I am honored that I got to be that special someone to have you for 16 years and form a bond that could never be broken. An unspoken bond so special that it only needed a look or a thought in my head. You carried me safely through all of our rides and through this roller coaster called life. You were my therapy. My sanity. My everything. I hope you know how much I truly thank you for all the things you have taught me and all the ways you have helped me. #Depression #Anxiety #sad #missingmyheart

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Late season flowers. #Reflection #Reflections #solitude

It's been weeks since you been home for the night. Planting these seeds happened a week before you left. An emergancy-bag turned into you moving out and telling me about your lawyer the same night. Your scent is slowly disappearing from our home, even in the bedroom. Yet these flowers grow before my eyes. You said it was too late for the flowers to bloom, but look at them grow. Maybe it's not too late for us.?. #Missingyou #missingpartner #missingmyheart #Divorce #WhereHopeGrows #Hope



So it’s been an month since my kids father when behind my back and got temporary custody of my kids. Took them from an good school zone to go to the schools in the worst part of town. I have done my best to hold my anxiety in and myself together so the Guardian ad litem wont see my crazy. Yet she goes off what the dad and girlfriend says. Oh and by the way the dads girlfriend was my close friend and that’s how they met, through me! It’s been ten years I have been dealing with all the drama and bs. Yesterday I flipped out on the lady at CVS cause she tried to tell me that my meds won’t at that pharmacy. I knew damn well cause of the Cvs app on my phone. So let’s just say she caught an verbal lashing and I feel so bad. Now all I can think about is my kids and how much we miss each other. I just pray I get through each day so soon we can be together