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Late season flowers. #Reflection #Reflections #solitude

It's been weeks since you been home for the night. Planting these seeds happened a week before you left. An emergancy-bag turned into you moving out and telling me about your lawyer the same night. Your scent is slowly disappearing from our home, even in the bedroom. Yet these flowers grow before my eyes. You said it was too late for the flowers to bloom, but look at them grow. Maybe it's not too late for us.?. #Missingyou #missingpartner #missingmyheart #Divorce #WhereHopeGrows #Hope

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Who else be missing their Gf/Bf rn?🥺

This quarintine is fucked. I haven’t seen my gf in a month and it’s caused me to be in such a low state. Who else has somebody they wanna see but can’t? #COVID19 #SeparationAnxiety #missingpartner #missingsomeone


a smile for everyone feeling down today

howdy all, i hope and wish everyone to have a little smile from me for their day and a virtual hug for all those feeling less than 'okay'.

please remember, you matter, you are awesome, you are beautiful male or female & youre the one for someone out there!
it might come when youre not expecting it and may be taken back by someone being interested in you, but when it comes your way, grab on with both hands and hold on tight (not so tight that the other cant breathe lol)
looking forward to meeting my mrs-right whenever she decides to make an appearance lol
please dont lose hope, its the only thing i have left, if for nothing else, please keep going, because you are special and will be special to someone xxxxxxx
have an awesome day, every day xxxxxxxxx
#StayStrong#alone#lonely#missingpartner #keepfighting