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“Long Live The Queen” by Frank Turner

The lyrics of this song are carved into my heart, a reminder of a friend I loved dearly and lost. There are several versions of it, but the songbook one is my favorite.
#Grief #grieving #Loss #missingthem

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Kitty separation

I’m at my mum’s for Christmas, but my cats are not. It was too difficult logistically to bring them, so they are staying in my apartment. They are being looked after by a good friend, so I know they will be okay. But I miss them and I hate being away from them. Especially after being in the hospital for a good chunk of October, where I obviously couldn’t have them with me. I am having a rest right now in my room at my mum’s and I wish the cats were here with me. I am probably overly attached to them, but they are the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. I go home on Friday but it just feels like that is a long way a way. (The picture is of Ophelia. She was sitting on my and purring when I took it.) #Depression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #MightyPets #Cats #Anxiety #missingthem


2sisters, 2 years. Gone

I lost my younger sister and older sister within 2 years of each other. My heart hurts every day and the tears flow freely when least expected. #heartbreak #tearsflow #missingthem #nomorefemales #sadbeyondwords