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Sharing my Mood Diary 📔 #RapidCyclingBipolarDisorder

I’m currently writing on my blog, my entries in to my mood diary from each month of last year, with the hope that it might be of interest to somebody somewhere or even, possibly, seen by a health professional, be it a Doctor or Psychiatrist, and it is simply acknowledged to give them an insight.

I’m aware that on here we are advised not to post anything that could possibly incite a negative reaction. My account is no-holds barred and to the point, so I wouldn’t post it on here as it would get taken down.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about it? Would it be positive for others to read? Is there any platform that looks at this sort of thing that you could recommend for me to submit it to?



#BipolarAwareness #Sharingmystory #mooddiary #Mentalillnessfeelslike


#52SmallThings #mooddiary

Following this week's challenge, I've been keeping up with a mood check diary which I've already been using for quite a while (so more motivation to keep up with it). I really enjoy using a mood diary app on my phone as a quick method of journaling (as I love to keep a journal but often struggle to keep up with writing in one) and also keeping check of when I am feeling bad or good. I often feel emotions very strongly and can have moments where negative, difficult emotions overwhelm me so value the mood diary as a reminder that these moments always pass and happier, easier feelings come back - making it easier to try and embrace the feeling and know that it is not everlasting.