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A glance into my life with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 #bp2 #Bipolar #BipolarAwareness #BipolarDepression #Anxiety

Have you ever been in a place?... a dark and scary place? One where you feel trapped and maybe the walls are closing in on you; or the air just keeps getting thinner? A place that however much you scream for help; no one ever hears you? A place that no matter how far you run; you can never fully get out of?
Imagine that this place is your own mind.

How often do you find yourself doubting that those around you really want to be there? That no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to create a stable life for yourself? Do you fear the constant dread of knowing that you could go off the deep end or crumble into dust at any moment? And for no reason other than you are sick?

Do you always approach opportunity with caution because last time you screwed it up really bad? That all your graces are taken with a pinch of salt because you are just waiting to see how you are going to f**k it all up? Imagine you felt like you couldn't control it but always feel like you should have tried harder?

Imagine the fear that you must feel; always wondering if you'll break down again. That you'll spend months going through new cocktails of medication to find what helps; even though many of them can make it all worse. Having to go to therapy and possibly being admitted... Again!

Imagine that every time you swallow each one of your various tablets; that you are terrified. That any one of them could be the reason for you to develop liver disease, an under or overactive thyroid or maybe cause your kidneys to fail. Imagine feeling that fear every day; every tablet for the rest of your life.

This is the big one..
Imagine choosing to live with that fear because you know what you would have to live with if not for the medication and terrifies you even more...
Because you've already been there!

This is a glimpse of what living with Bipolar is like for me.
I am medicated
I go to therapy
And I am what is considered 'stable'.

Mental illness is real, it is serious and it can be debilitating.

We always preach about breaking the stigma.
If you really care about someone who suffers because of mental illness and are trying to support them.
Then please do your research... Understanding is difficult without knowledge.

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#BipolarDisorder #BipolarAwareness #GoodTraits

I just wanted to start this morning off by reminding us that yes we all have a mental health condition called Bipolar Disorder in common & we all have our flaws, fits, mania, depression, etc bcuz of it, but we all have other traits that comes with having Bipolar & they're actually extraordinarily awesome traits! So next time you start feeling down on yourself bcuz you have Bipolar & you're having a bad day or for anyone having a bad day today already, I just wanted to remind each & every one of us, that we're still human & everyone has good & bad days & traits about them! And that you should always remember that bcuz of this disorder it makes us more sensitive & empathetic to the world around us & that's an amazing thing to me! So to sum it up, Good Morning & remember you're all amazing to me! 🌄✌️💚☯️💪🙋

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Nifty guide to Bipolar Disorder #bipolardisorderawareness

Yes I know it's a jumbled confusing mess of a guide! But this is what our brains feel like most of the time & I'm so sick of ppl comparing themselves to being sad or having mood swings & not even thinking & joking "I am going bipolar again!" It's not fun, funny or something to joke about! So I just wanted to share this with my Mighty 💪 family this morning! ✌️💚☯️💪🙋 #BipolarAwareness #ThisisyourbrainonBipolarDisorder

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Bipolar vs Borderline

As part of World Bipolar Day, I wanted to highlight some of the differences and similarities between Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder!

Both disorders involve mood swings, impulsivity, inappropriate anger, and suicidal ideation or attempts. However, some of the factors that make each disorder different from each other is the following:


❤️ interpersonal insensitivity
❤️ a grandiose self-image
❤️ longer duration of mood changes (weeks)
❤️ sometimes more severe manic episodes


❤️ sensitivity to abandonment or rejection
❤️ a bad self-image
❤️ mood changes that can occur for minutes or days
❤️manic episodes that do not last as long

Both disorders can limit your quality of life, though, and it is possible to be diagnosed with both - I am! If you ever feel like your moods or behaviors are concerning, don't be afraid to reach out for help! When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year, it made a lot more sense to me why some of the dbt skills I practiced just wouldn't stick! Knowing can sometimes be more helpful than not!

#bpdawareness #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDisorder #BipolarAwareness

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Sharing my Mood Diary 📔 #RapidCyclingBipolarDisorder

I’m currently writing on my blog, my entries in to my mood diary from each month of last year, with the hope that it might be of interest to somebody somewhere or even, possibly, seen by a health professional, be it a Doctor or Psychiatrist, and it is simply acknowledged to give them an insight.

I’m aware that on here we are advised not to post anything that could possibly incite a negative reaction. My account is no-holds barred and to the point, so I wouldn’t post it on here as it would get taken down.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about it? Would it be positive for others to read? Is there any platform that looks at this sort of thing that you could recommend for me to submit it to?



#BipolarAwareness #Sharingmystory #mooddiary #Mentalillnessfeelslike

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#BipolarDay #BipolarAwareness #BipolarStrong

I just wanted to share this with everyone on all my social media platforms to create awareness & take the negative stigma off all mental health disorders, but today it's about Bipolar Disorder! I just want ppl to know that we're no different than them! We just have a disorder of our brains & we're not crazy! And that just bcuz someone is mentally ill doesn't mean we're going to shoot up a store or movie theater! I'm so tired of everything that happens it's always bcuz they say "the person has mental health issues"! That's such bs & it makes us all look like we're just a bunch of unstable ppl that are going to freak out 1 day & hurt ppl! When it's really the total opposite! Thanks everyone ✌️💖☯️💪🙋🤞🙏

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#Bipolar #SelfMedicating #BipolarAwareness #saveus

My daughter's best friend lost her mother last night to a heart attack. She was bipolar and had been self medicating with alchohol. I am so extremely sad, scared and angry. I am sick of having to hide you I am. we all need and deserve to be who we are, where ever we and not be judged. We are people with a mental illness not just a mental illness. We deserve love and respect, not disrespect and judgment. #EndTheStigma #Bewhoyouare #Hope #peace


Has anyone ever come off of lithium? What side effects did you have? #Bipolar #bipolarwareness #lithium #mentalhealthy

I am in the process of coming off lithium with the support and supervision of my family and psychiatrist. I am bipolar. I am doing this VERY slowly. Lithium did wonders for me and I am forever thankful but I have gained a lot of weight in just a year! I had a really bad episode a year ago, and found lithium to be the only thing that healed me (I tried numerous medicines throughout my life). I would like to get pregnant this year, that is why I am trying to get my weight down and not have any drugs in my body. I have cut my dose in half this week and I feel great emotionally but I have the WORST headache in the world. I cannot seem to get it to go away. It is debilitating. I have never been one to get migraines before. Has anyone ever experienced this side effect from coming off lithium? Any other side effects experienced? Thanks so much for your help always, community. Your openness and support have helped me through many hard times. #Bipolar #BipolarAwareness #lithium #MentalHealth

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How has anyone else dealt with managing mood (BPD) after a bereavement?

I've just had the 1st anniversary of my dads unexpected death (1st Nov) and he was my main supportor. He knew how to help me and understood me from my early struggles until my last hospital admission just weeks before he died. I want to grieve him, but I'm scared if I do, I will spiral and won't be able to pull myself back without him here. He was my biggest advocate of self help and recovery. I feel like if im allowed to be sad, I may let him down. #BipolarAwareness #Grief #managingmood #Support #Caregivers

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