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Rub some dirt on it #mysterydiagnosis #Depression #Anxiety

Growing up, my mom always told me to rub some dirt on places that I hurt as a kid. I’d always do so, quite literally, and walk away laughing. As as adult, however, I do good just to make it through an 8-16 hour shift. As in, my first rheumatologist appointment is on a day I was suppose to work. I was able to get that day off, but I have to go into a hell weekend by working a double(16hours) then two 12 hour shifts back to back. The thought of that makes me want to curl into a ball and never move again. I just did an easy 8 hour shift for my job, and I’ve been gritting my teeth for a solid 3 of those hours. I will be 24 in 2 months... I can’t help thinking of how unfair this is, and I don’t even know what THIS is. I wish I could just rub some dirt on it and walk away laughing like when I was a kid... now, as an adult, I will curl into my mothers lap tonight, cry, and pray to God I can sleep maybe 2 hours, and actually feel somewhat rested.

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Another dead end

After not being diagnosed with MS......again......I’ve been passed from a neurologist who wanted to do more testing to one who wants to blame it on either a vitamin D deficiency (had it loooong before these symptoms, treated it, symptoms didn’t go away) or a “software” issue in my brain. Basically he’s saying they don’t know what’s wrong with me, are going to blame my very physical symptoms on past trauma (despite my being able to become symptomatic with physical activity and being in a great place mentally) and call it a day. I’m equal parts disheartened and frustrate beyond belief. I can’t work a regular job without loosing my ability to function, I’m in constant discomfort, the brain fog is kicking my ass and I would love to hear from anyone who can help.

symptoms include:
wobbly legs, stiff joints, spastic muscles, tremors, speech changes, memory changes, fatigue, phantom itching and vision changes

#MultipleSclerosis #mysterydiagnosis #helpme


I just don't know anymore #

Over the past few years I have had lots of medical problems. This year they have gotten worse. I've had kidney stones, chronic back and neck pain, swelling knees, nerve pain, a reoccurring sore in my nose and intestinal problems. More recently neck surgery (I'm only 24) armpit pain. Blood work always comes back fine too. My intestinal pain and issues have increased to daily instead of a couple times a month like when it first started. I go to doctors and they run tests and diagnose some stuff and never really tell me what to do or what to avoid. So basically I have been told that depression can cause most of the problems. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm being listened to or that anyone believes me. I feel like the doctors take one look and see "lithium for borderline personality disorder" and they decide that it's in my head. My primary doc is great but he sent me to a rheumatologist that was rude to me and told me everything was in my head and I just needed to stay on top of my meds. He must have thought I was nuts. #BipolarDepression #BPD #borderlinepersonality #mysterydiagnosis #Depression #Anxiety #Scoliosis #cervicalspinefusion #sciatica

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