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In your opinion... clean or not???

Now 49. First psychiatric stay (of four) was at 16. Started using a variety of substances at 28. Have been on meds throughout the entire period. So, in the 12 step fellowship I’m in, thoughts run hot and cold as to wether I’m clean or not being on Adderall. Most of us say that we don’t go to a dentist to fix our cars, so same deal- we as addicts should not act as Psychiatrists. My mental health being stable was the only way I could have gotten and stayed clean. There is fellowship written and approved literature regarding this (mental health in recovery and also chronic pain,) and it’s approved. But, so many are judged because of stimulants being controlled and addictive. Also, a mind and/or mood altering substance. My AD and AP are certainly those too. Any experience or thoughts?
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For anyone who has a problem with drinking

Triggers cannot make anyone drink or use. Triggers can help someone eaither choose to feel bad and heal, or choose to try to stay away from people who are triggers.
Or choose to feel bad and pick up.
The choice is yours.

Choices is what we have.
Choices to ask God into our lives and use God in our daily life.
Trust in God and take the steps.
Or we have free will to choice to not too.

No person, place or thing or situation, can make you relapse.

Only you yourself can make you do that. No matter what triggers a person the trigger cannot make a person relapse.
Only you yourself can do that.

Denise Love
#AA #NA #Recovery #TheMighty