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In your opinion... clean or not???

Now 49. First psychiatric stay (of four) was at 16. Started using a variety of substances at 28. Have been on meds throughout the entire period. So, in the 12 step fellowship I’m in, thoughts run hot and cold as to wether I’m clean or not being on Adderall. Most of us say that we don’t go to a dentist to fix our cars, so same deal- we as addicts should not act as Psychiatrists. My mental health being stable was the only way I could have gotten and stayed clean. There is fellowship written and approved literature regarding this (mental health in recovery and also chronic pain,) and it’s approved. But, so many are judged because of stimulants being controlled and addictive. Also, a mind and/or mood altering substance. My AD and AP are certainly those too. Any experience or thoughts?
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How can I be of support when I don't feel like I can support myself at times?

My partner struggles with addiction and tested positive for Covid 19 recently, he is in law enforcement putting him in the front lines daily. When he tested positive it hit him really hard. He is currently in quarantine and I am only able to see him via video chat. What is the best way I can support him? During this time and in the future?

I live with PTSD, depression and anxiety as well as hEDS. I am dealing with my ups and downs and find it challenging trying to support someone I love when I am not having the greatest of days. I want to be as supportive as I can while also focusing on my own mental health.

Advice would be really appreciated.

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I didn’t realize how strongly and negatively seeing someone from my past would affect me. This person bullied me relentlessly everyday for four years and left me for dead in a field along with his buddies. Now I have to see this person on a regular basis in my Narcotics Anonymous meetings each night and I just don’t think I am strong enough emotionally and spiritually right now to handle this. This Sunday will mark a year clean for me and it’s a good thing this happened now versus early in my recovery because it probably would’ve caused me to relapse. My NA meetings are my safe place where I can truly be myself and am learning to heal from the trauma. And now i feel like one of the triggers and actual causes for me to start using drugs in the first place has busted down the door to my home and made himself comfortable in my own safe space. He has broken into my home and demanded I treat him like nothing happened and I’m lost. The difference dealing with him now vs then is that i have my NA family for support and protection, and I have this amazing community to help me deal with this. I know I can do it. This didn’t happen by accident, and it’s not a coincidence. This is a stepping stone in my recovery towards true healing. Besides, he needs to be there just as much as anyone. He obviously has his own demons he’s dealing with and maybe hearing my story will help him. I have to try and see the positive in this situation or this will tear me apart. I’ve got this. *deep breathe* #Depression #nonbinary #Addiction #narcoticsanonymous #Drugs