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There's been a shortage of the medication Adderall, used to treat ADHD, over the last six months. Have you had any problems getting this medication? Please tell us more in the comments below.

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Does anyone get dry mouth or feel the need to brush their teeth when on Adderall?

Does anyone else get dry mouth or feel the need to brush teeth when on Adderall? What’s the solution please? #ADD #ADHD #Adderall


#Adderall #WeightLoss

I was recently diagnosed with adult ADHD and prescribed Adderall. It has helped a great deal with my attention span and my ability to focus on particular tasks. I read articles that state it's good for weight loss too. Please share your experience. ❤️

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amphetamine Adderall XR #ADHD #Adderall

First time using the generic Adderall (amphetamine) 20 mg XR and it’s been an hour or more thst I’ve taken it and I’m about to fall asleep. Is this normal? My psychiatrist prescribed it to me for my newly diagnosed adhd and extreme fatigue. I was desperately hoping this would give me energy. ☹️ #ADHD #Adderall


For those who love Buzzfeed 👏🏻

I have never felt so understood. I didn’t know I had adhd until a little over a year ago. I have bipolar disorder so when I told my psychiatrist that I had issues with focus and maintaining my life, he asked if I was ever on adderall when I was young. I had been but I’d have really bad anger fits when it wore off as well as weightloss. The only reason I had the anger fits is because of my being undiagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was in elementary school. Since I’ve been on a balanced medication regimen, I have been so much better at noticing when I’m about to have a burst of anger come out/when to take a step back and to regain my composure. I just thought I’d share this since I just came across it on my Instagram feed 💕 #ADHD #Adhdinwomen #Adderall #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder

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In your opinion... clean or not???

Now 49. First psychiatric stay (of four) was at 16. Started using a variety of substances at 28. Have been on meds throughout the entire period. So, in the 12 step fellowship I’m in, thoughts run hot and cold as to wether I’m clean or not being on Adderall. Most of us say that we don’t go to a dentist to fix our cars, so same deal- we as addicts should not act as Psychiatrists. My mental health being stable was the only way I could have gotten and stayed clean. There is fellowship written and approved literature regarding this (mental health in recovery and also chronic pain,) and it’s approved. But, so many are judged because of stimulants being controlled and addictive. Also, a mind and/or mood altering substance. My AD and AP are certainly those too. Any experience or thoughts?
#Addiction #ADHD #12steprecovery #Adderall #narcoticsanonymous #NA


ADHD mouth

I posted before... I think. Anyone ever get the feeling you have to always brush your teeth when on Adderall? Ideas? #Adderall #ADHD #DryMouth #OCD #PsychiatricMedication


Anyone have the feeling when on Adderall that they have to brush their teeth often or their tongue is too big for their mouth/enlarged? #Adderall


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Step One: Get an ADHD diagnosis... #AdultADHD #ADHD

Tomorrow, March 24th 2021 at 11 a.m., I begin my assessment with a psychiatrist to determine whether or not I have attention deficit disorder (ADHD is what it's called these days).

I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at 6 years old in the 90s, but my mother never followed up with this (and many other things I was diagnosed with). I spent years knowing that something was wrong but not being able to understand or articulate well what it was that was wrong with me.

Now I'm 31 years old. I found some old papers, given to me by accident actually, and all of this information fell in my lap that now I couldn't ignore. I decided to take the leap: go for medication. I knew that I've been struggling to function. I knew that I felt like I was heading towards "burn out" and I knew that this wasn't my first time coming to this.

I have been educating myself about ADHD since I knew this day was coming and trying to piece together whether I thought I truly have this condition or something else...and I truly believe that I am going down the right path.

So now.... I have the opportunity to actually deal with this. I know that this is the first step of many.... to be fair, I don't know if ADHD medication will help me, but I can imagine that it wouldn't hurt to try - especially after all this time. Just start somewhere here....

I just hope to be validated and heard. I have been given a heads up to kind of know what to expect from a psychiatrist. From what I read about her, I just hope that she will be able to at least show me compassion by hearing me out.

I have been invalidated for most of my life. I have been told over and over to "get myself together" to find that I literally didn't have the strength or the "know-how" to do it on my own. Now, with the notes from a pediatric neurologist.... I know that I wasn't off to recognise that my challenges are real and they were diagnosed even though I didn't know it was typed out on paper.

Here's to taking my first step. #medications #ADHD #Adderall #AttentiondeficithyperactivityDisorder #Neurodiversity #NeurodevelopmentalDisorders #neuromotordisorder #neurodiverse #AttentiondeficitDisorder


Wellbutrin vs Adderall

I’m going to my primary physician this week in order to start medication (I have ADHD combined with unspecified depressive disorder and moderate anxious distress) because the psychiatrists around me aren’t currently taking new patients. The doctor said they would start me on adderall, but my therapist said to ask about Wellbutrin. Has anyone taken Wellbutrin, and if so, what was your experience like? Any information you have would be really helpful because this will be my first time on medication ever! #Medication #wellbutrin #Adderall #Depression #ADHD #Anxiety