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    Inpatient Hospitals L.A. /SFV Area

    Apparently there aren’t any beds available at UCLA Resnick. I was told to go to Northridge ER and they will keep me until they can transfer me to another inpatient facility. Any suggestions? I have United Healthcare (Optum). #InpatientHospitals #LosAngeles #LA #SanFernandoValley #NAMI


    If you need a compliment to TM... #NAMI

    Helpline is 800-950-6264 to call & text, or chat M-F 10AM-10PM, (EST).
    988 is new suicide & substance abuse hotline. Call or text.
    See for all services, activities & mag spotlighting ppl doing well in life though have a mental illness. Some have positions in NAMI.
    Accredited charity.
    On all major social networks.

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    How can I #disclose my mental illness when applying for jobs? #Accommodations #schizoaffective #parity #EndTheStigma #Advocacy

    Currently I have a good job on a team that I have already disclosed my mental health concerns to my managers. I have established a yearly intermittent leave request with my doctor and managers for the past year and a half. In case I have a mental health episode and I need to take time off from work to stabilize myself. I am a research associate for a university in California and I want to apply for the next step up which is a Research Service Coordinator, they are also considered Contracts and Grants Specialists. I have been doing my job for three years as of last Friday, August 20. I feel that I am ready to move up to the next level to take on more responsibilities and to have my own portfolio of Principal Investigators(PI, Doctors) to service. My job is a very stressful job as it requires attentive, expeditious and efficient grant processing of proposals to various Federal, State and private institutions often meeting deadlines. My job right now is triaged by my manager and closely monitored weekly by one on one meetings. The job that I'm applying for will be even more stressful where I'll have my own portfolio of PIs who will come to me directly to initiate the grant process, instead of my manager triaging me PIs to work with. I want to be able to convey tactfully what my needs and accommodations are as I ramp up to become a Contracts and Grants Specialist. Applying for the new position will result in me leaving my current team and moving to another team with new managers and colleagues. This is sort of a last minute request, as I want to put my application in by tonight. I welcome your feedback, especially from professionals working with a mental condition. #bipolarcondition #Equity #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #breakyourstigma #NAMI #ioovadvocate #MentalHealthAdvocacy


    What happened to our national month??? #MentalHealthMonth

    It's Day 1 of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, and I have discovered disturbing evidence of erasure. This was a "page not found" at 12:35pm CDT

    #MentalHealth #SAMHSA #NAMI

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    In the panoply of ribbons worn in support of medical diagnosis, what color is Major Depressive Disorder - Severe - in Remission?

    #whatcolorismyribbon I am relieved to say that I am presently F33.42, according to official coding.



    Helping do a training today for family members. Should be interesting since I live with a mental health condition and so does a lot of my family.


    When Will The Mentally Ill Get A Parade?

    Recently I am being corralled into severe boundaries with my family due to not having been diagnosed with my true disorder until age 44, (Borderline Personality Disorder) and having wreaked havoc prior yrs in my lack of knowledge and ability of how to handle symptoms I was told for years was just "simple depression". So I displayed symptoms without proper knowledge of how to control them. This brought irrevocable harm to my marriage and our only daughter. I have since been in counseling Non-Stop...too little, too late and the fact that renewing of an aged mind/brain takes more time and effort and sometimes is not possible. I will forever hold pain and unforgiveness toward myself till my death. All I need do is look in the eyes of my child to realize some things can never be undone. FACTS: Mental illness is hereditary. It can skip a generation. It can go undetected for years and then rear its ugly head later in life from a psychotic break.
    The mentally ill suffer more stigma perpetrated toward them by their own family members then by strangers. Most marriages involving a mentally ill partner end in divorce.
    Mentally ill people often do not have children as they know the consequences. It is a huge risk and one that is often regretted.
    Neurotypical people, what they call a normal person, will never understand the perspective of a neurodiverse, or mentally ill, person. True understanding of a mentally ill person only comes from another mentally ill person. Society has been trying to banish, hide, institutionalize, abuse through sex trafficking, or over-medicating the mentally ill for centuries. We are one of the few subcultures on earth with no Parade, spokesperson, or movement to advocate on our behalf to make any real difference. We are more stigmatized than any other ethnicity. Many hold fear toward us from ignorance. Neurotypical people rarely know how to respond or deal with us. Even family members are reticent to learn techniques proven to work with their "loved ones". It takes too much time, patience, repetition to try to understand the complex brain of a mentally ill human being. Many mentally ill are abandoned, as I was, at an early age, left to fend for themselves on the street, orphanages or foster care. The frontal lobe of our brain, the amygdala, never formed properly due to trauma incidents during the ages of 0 - 8. This can cause a myriad of disorders to occur in the brain of a trauma victim, child, who never asked for it but will pay dearly the consequences to the Grave. When we hurt someone through display of our symptoms, most of us punish ourselves with self-harm that is obsessive, ongoing and damaging. I ask, with all the embracing in today's environment of different religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, is there room for 1 more group? Is society ready to welcome the mentally ill into the fold of diversity acceptance? When will we qualify for a space in inclusivity? When do we get a Parade? #MentalHealthAwareness #NAMI