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Accommodations in the workplace & academia?

Hey, all. I was recently diagnosed as autistic, and while I'm thrilled by the validation of the diagnosis alone, I'm still struggling with burnout. I'd love for you to share what accommodations are most important for you (autistic people) or for autistic people in your workplaces, especially if you have experience in academia.

I'm a graduate student and a teaching assistant. A new semester starts in a week, and I really want to give myself the best possible start. I love my research but I'm so exhausted by the effort required to "act natural" and tolerate the sensory stressors in my environment. All help is appreciated!

#AutismSpectrumDisorder #Accommodations #Anxiety

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Hand pain causing problems - ideas?

Lately I've been having difficulty with a lot of things due to pain and instability in my finger joints. I'm struggling to stay on top of my schoolwork because it hurts to write for long periods of time, and as a physics student I have to do a lot of pencil-and-paper work so typing isn't an option. I can't practice violin very much either, which is slowing my progress in lessons and disappointing my teacher. And I can't knit for long periods, which is frustrating since it's a new-ish skill for me (started about a year ago) and I want to be able to get good at it. Does anyone have things they do that help with hand issues? I just want to do my normal activities without getting aches in my fingers or worrying that my thumb is going to sublux (which I don't think it has, but sometimes it feels like it really wants to!!)

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #hypermobilityspectrumdisorder #Jointpain #Accommodations #musician #Knitter

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Classroom Accommodations for Dysautonomia

As we settle into the spring semester, here are our recommendations for classroom accommodations for dysautonomia! What accommodations have helped you?

Classroom Accommodations for Dysautonomia: ⁠

Priority seating ⁠

PDF textbooks with screen reader software⁠

Access to PowerPoint presentations ⁠

Recordings of lectures ⁠

Note taker⁠

Access to seating during labs⁠

Additional breaks/use of restroom⁠

Eat/drink in class⁠

Extended time on tests⁠

Arriving late to class/leaving early⁠

Health-related class absences ⁠

Extensions on assignments⁠

#Dysautonomia #POTS #VasovagalSyncope #College #Accommodations

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What was your 'going public' moment like? (with walking aids, ADA parking, accommodations, etc.)

What was your first experience like? On my way into work, I'd stopped at a secondhand store and bought a wooden cane. (I was so awkward, I used to kick it out from underneath me while I walked!) I would lie that it was an old football injury. Inside I felt isolated and cold: I didn't want to look at anyone.

This is prompted by Senate candidate John Fetterman interviewing on NBC News using a captioning device, but it is NOT political. However you feel politically, this was something that took courage to do. Tell us about your courage, your fear, your accommodation moment. Thanks for sharing, Mighty family.

#Stroke #Fetterman #AAC #Accommodations #Accessibility #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support

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Midterms! 😵

For the most part, school is my happy place where I feel comfortable and confident and don't have a lot of anxiety. But there's a certain point where the sheer volume of work causes stress! I'm not a procrastinator per se, but I do have lots of difficulty with task switching, possibly due to OCD, and this has gotten exponentially worse recently. And the more work I have, the more inertia I build up. Midterms are happening right now and I am working on accepting that this week will be hard and I may lose points on certain assignments because of how long it takes me to pivot from one assignment to another. My classical mechanics midterm is especially kicking my butt. It's incredibly difficult and my poor silly brain has the hardest time switching to a new approach when one isn't working, or even taking a break altogether. This is the first time I've ever seriously thought that accommodations might help me. It scares me that my brain problems might finally, after 14 years, be affecting my academic performance.

Anyone else relating right now? Any tips on getting my brain to switch tasks without overexerting myself just from the transition?

#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #School #College #executivedysfunction #Anxiety #Acceptance #Accommodations

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How can I #disclose my mental illness when applying for jobs? #Accommodations #schizoaffective #parity #EndTheStigma #Advocacy

Currently I have a good job on a team that I have already disclosed my mental health concerns to my managers. I have established a yearly intermittent leave request with my doctor and managers for the past year and a half. In case I have a mental health episode and I need to take time off from work to stabilize myself. I am a research associate for a university in California and I want to apply for the next step up which is a Research Service Coordinator, they are also considered Contracts and Grants Specialists. I have been doing my job for three years as of last Friday, August 20. I feel that I am ready to move up to the next level to take on more responsibilities and to have my own portfolio of Principal Investigators(PI, Doctors) to service. My job is a very stressful job as it requires attentive, expeditious and efficient grant processing of proposals to various Federal, State and private institutions often meeting deadlines. My job right now is triaged by my manager and closely monitored weekly by one on one meetings. The job that I'm applying for will be even more stressful where I'll have my own portfolio of PIs who will come to me directly to initiate the grant process, instead of my manager triaging me PIs to work with. I want to be able to convey tactfully what my needs and accommodations are as I ramp up to become a Contracts and Grants Specialist. Applying for the new position will result in me leaving my current team and moving to another team with new managers and colleagues. This is sort of a last minute request, as I want to put my application in by tonight. I welcome your feedback, especially from professionals working with a mental condition. #bipolarcondition #Equity #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #breakyourstigma #NAMI #ioovadvocate #MentalHealthAdvocacy

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What type of accommodation would be most helpful to you in your job? #Employment #Disability #Accommodations

I currently am on disability (SSDI) and I am interested in hearing from others about what kind of accommodations have been helpful to them in the workplace. Maybe you have never had accommodations, but struggle and would like to be accommodated. What would be most beneficial to you?
For example: Would flexible scheduling be helpful? Shorter work days? A quieter workspace? 
I am interested in learning about what has worked for others and what people feel they need to be successful at work.
You can answer even if you've never been accommodated. Maybe this will help generate ideas!

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Helloooo out there

I'm #Upallnight #Narcolepsy #Anxiety tonight. It's so quiet here.
My semester is starting this week, and my sleep schedule is changing. Plus I need to ask for #Accommodations at work and I'm super nervous.
And so it's 5am. My alarm is set for 6am. Should I get up? I'm exhausted. I can't sleep.


College accommodations? #Neurodiversity   #College

I was wondering what college accommodations you used in college for testing, dorms, and in-class learning. It could be for any kind of disability! But, please let me know!! #dormlife #a ustism #Accommodations

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