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Stop the Insanity, We have a Bill of rights as patients!

Yesterday on The Mighty I saw quite a few people as I often do talk about their horrible service they have received or have received from doctors. I’m a former nurse going through Hell trying to get treatment for an eating disorder that started over a year ago, I am 83 pounds. It started as I had reactions to food and chemicals now full blown. My husband also has life threatening blood clots in both legs and his lungs, all because they don’t want to listen to me regarding his care. I have literally saved his life 5 times in the last five years and all my hard work was undone in just 7 days. We are not the only ones, I know. I encourage everyone to look up your patients bill of rights, learn them and when met by ANY medical professional that you find troubling, let them know you have rights and they are violating them. We do not have to put up with substandard care, EVER! We all have a voice. I care about everyone here and it’s heartbreaking as well as frustrating to see. They will never be held accountable for their actions unless WE speak up and speak out. We are not substandard people and we don’t deserve substandard care. If you made it to the end of this, Thank you 🙏 Take control of your Health and Be Well ! You are loved and you matter to me. ❤️💯 #Anxiety #rights
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I HOPE I can post this. Jackie and Gabe are incredible hosts of Not Crazy and they tackle important issues that involve us all. Mental Illness. They cover all topics. I love them. ❤️ please check it out my mighty friends!!!!! Take care!


Sick of Fibromyalgia

Am I the only one who is dead tired of hearing people get diagnosed with "Fibromyalgia" because they have a lazy Dr who just wants a scapegoat to get the patient to shut up? Not saying anything against people who actually have it, but as someone with EDS, even with a concrete diagnosis, I constantly hear, "well, you probably just have fibromyalgia" from outlier providers. I have a bunch of friends with other issues (mostly women) who were given Fibromyalgia diagnoses after 'annoying' their provider with symptoms and repeat is frustrating to see physicians who would rather use an actual illness as a scapegoat when they 1 dont want to believe their patients stories and 2 just want to shut them up...Grrr!

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Today’s appt #Therapist #innerdemons #notcrazy #Hospitalization #DepressionSymptoms

Today I had an appt with my therapist and the entire time felt like this was me. Each session is so draining