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° " Today Someone Told Me To Smile... 😑" ° #Human 's

° " So I Was As Alway's Up And Down Running Around... So A Random Customer Walk's Up To Me And Tell's Me That I Should Smile More.. I Had To Walk Away Because I Was Already Having A Day With People Being Picky And Demanding... And I Have A Short Fuse.. When People Start Being Stupid.. Over The Littlest Issue's... Like I'm Not Going To Give Someone A Smile Or Whatever.. And Especially Not In The Middle Of A Pain Flare... Yes I Have To Fake It Until My Shift Is Over... "° #Thought 's #Work Sincerely, ¤ S.K. ¤

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Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled. Everyone is entitled to equality, regardless of sex, gender identity, age, race or religion; everyone has the right to live freely; everyone is entitled to a nationality and has the freedom of movement and residence within a country. These fundamental human rights belong to everybody everywhere: no matter where you were born or what your religion is—or whether you have one at all.

Fundamental rights are a touchy subject in our society, with recent political events igniting debates. There is no doubt that human rights are being violated, and there are people needing our help and support. But what should we do? Do we deny reality in the hope that it will go away, or do we work towards making a difference? We fight. We fight for those whose voices have been silenced, for those who are afraid to speak, and for everyone else who need our support.

Become an advocate, spread the word. We all have the same rights; let it be known.

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More thoughts about stigma

The Right to Mental Health?

JUNE 2021 Chuck Ruby, Ph.D., Psychologist

This excellent article is about our human rights when we are seeking therapy or other mental health assistance. He separates mental health from physical health to point out the lack of coercion or forced treatment in relation to physical illnesses.

I was thinking about how this applies regarding medical assistance/treatment and human rights.

Ruby wrote:

>>>>>The solution to stigma and discrimination, and the subsequent threats to human rights for those seeking mental health assistance, is to realize that the essence of mental health care is not literally about health and illness. It definitely isn't about using chemical, mechanical, and biological knowledge and skills to correct dysfunctional physiology.

Instead, the term "mental health" is a figurative description of social challenges, personal meaning, emotional distress, and one's responses to these things. Therefore, it is in a domain completely separate from the study of medicine and the literal idea of health and illness, not a different type to merge with the physical type.<<<<<<

I like this idea of mental health as a combo of “social challenges, personal meaning, emotional distress, and one's responses to these things.” That sounds like a new, better version of the DSM!

and then he goes into this comparison…

>>>>>The resulting irony is that while we frequently see such coercion within the mental health system, we rarely see it with physical health. People who are diagnosed with physical health problems, such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are rarely treated involuntarily, against their will (unless, of course, they are judged mentally ill and, thus, not able to make "wise" choices).<<<<<

But when it’s a “virus”, that’s a whole other story. There’s a huge amount of “coercion” and related tactics leveled at those who would remain unvaxxd now. Part of that is the accusation that we must be “mentally ill” or “ignorant” for refusing The Vaxx which leads to the “mandates” because we “don’t know what’s best for us and others.”

(Continued in Part 2...)#Coercion #Human rights #Stigma


Do you ever wonder how people "see" you?#Wonder #Human #selfesteemissues

Sometimes i feel like when i talk, i seem like a little kid. My voice is soft and young for my age. Or people will talk down to me. Or when they talk some will talk like they are talking to a kid. I have a learning disability (Intellectual disability) Which i read has a connection to Autism? Sometimes i wonder if i have some traits of it. I lack social skills and i'M bad with communication,. Yes you guessed it. i'M a shy person. That is just how sometimes i feel like i come across to people and how special i feel treated. #LearningDisabilities #shy #Autism #Anxiety #Depression

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Stop the Insanity, We have a Bill of rights as patients!

Yesterday on The Mighty I saw quite a few people as I often do talk about their horrible service they have received or have received from doctors. I’m a former nurse going through Hell trying to get treatment for an eating disorder that started over a year ago, I am 83 pounds. It started as I had reactions to food and chemicals now full blown. My husband also has life threatening blood clots in both legs and his lungs, all because they don’t want to listen to me regarding his care. I have literally saved his life 5 times in the last five years and all my hard work was undone in just 7 days. We are not the only ones, I know. I encourage everyone to look up your patients bill of rights, learn them and when met by ANY medical professional that you find troubling, let them know you have rights and they are violating them. We do not have to put up with substandard care, EVER! We all have a voice. I care about everyone here and it’s heartbreaking as well as frustrating to see. They will never be held accountable for their actions unless WE speak up and speak out. We are not substandard people and we don’t deserve substandard care. If you made it to the end of this, Thank you 🙏 Take control of your Health and Be Well ! You are loved and you matter to me. ❤️💯 #Anxiety #rights
#MentalHealth #Anorexia #nomore
#Human #notcrazy #PissedOff


Uncertainty #Parenting #Human

Life is like bit like hurricane preparation right now. Preparing for might come and we are living in uncertainty. Something never change:
Love we have for our family.
The fight and determination to support our kids/ family/ and each other.
We are resilient look what already survived.
We will carry humor with us.
Something changes ......
No clue what the hell I am doing with the school stuff.
Shit are we going have to use hose because there zero TP in stores.
How am I going escape these kids . Just kinda joking.
Do we have enough fireball?! Lol
We will make it through this chaos because we are resilient as human beings. Everyone going to see how brave, resilient, creative, and how we can survive. Also, we are going to see everyone's true character .

Love yall

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A Pharmacist called me “A big red flag” #ChronicPain

This afternoon I called my doctors office to ask why my muscle relaxer was not filled. They informed me that the pharmacist wouldn’t fill it because of a state regulated law. This I understand, however I have been taking these medications together for many years. I am a chronic pain patient and I am treated based off what I can and cannot take. Not only am I a chronic pain patient due to a genetic disorder in which I was born with(Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) but as many of you know this comes with a list of comorbidities. I won’t get into all of them but one of the comorbidities that I present, is mast cell activation disorder. I am allergic to and/or have reactions to a lot of different medicines. I am currently taking three medicines that the pharmacist decided he was going to hold hostage. 1 Percocet, 2 Clonazepam, and 3 Metaxalone. None of which are regularly filled on the same date. I also do not take the Percocet daily, it is as needed and only for very bad days. I just recently switched to Metaxalone because I was on Soma and understood the risks of the medication. I called the pharmacy to air my concerns. While speaking with the pharmacist he made it very clear to me that he did not see me as a patient in pain, but as a medication seeker. This made me quite angry. This is a new pharmacy for me so I do not know this man and he doesn’t know me. I’ve previously filled elsewhere and never had these issues or been treated this way, but when my insurance changed so did my pharmacy. I understand that these conditions are rare and that means they are treated differently than your typical ailment. I tried explaining myself to the pharmacist and he continuously spoke over me and wouldn’t listen. He treated me as though I was an addict he said “If” I needed all of these medications together than they needed to be prescribed by the same doctor, probably a pain management doctor. I explain to him that I saw a pain management doctor at which point he cut me off. He said “whoa whoa whoa now you are a big red flag.” He didn’t let me explain that I don’t get medication from this doctor because of people like him, people who treat me like I’m a junkie, like I’m little, like I don’t deserve to be treated with love. He didn’t let me explain I only go to a pain management doctor for a nerve ablation in my back for spinal stenosis. All he did was talk over me, and belittle me, make me feel like I was nothing. Although this is not something I am new to, it still brought back some memories I wasn’t ready for. Which is funny because the one medicine he’s holding hostage is the medicine that helps me control my PTSD from the abusive relationship that made me a scattered anxious mess. I grew after that relationship. I became pretty strong. Strong headed, strong-willed, strong hearted, a little mouthy even. The best part about it is he got to see that I refuse to be treated like anything less than human. I bite back. #EDS #pharmacy #RiseAbove #lovewins #Human


From Self Worth to Reclaiming My Humanity

Because being human is something we as a society, are unfortunately deprived of. We are constantly measured, diced up and subsequently chewed up by unrealistic, unhealthy standards that have destroyed the meaning of what it means to be human.

To be human is to know your absolute worth, your innate humanity, which is worth more than all the money in the world, all the beauty you can have, all the intellect in the world, all the accomplishments that can be attained. All the degrees that can be earned. All the places that can be travelled to.

Being human has to do with our God-given innate ability to be of service to others, to mankind and to nature. This is a big responsibility we constantly ignore and evade as individuals.

I am tired of living in a world where I am unable to live as a human being. It is high time we lived in a world where we could live authentically as human beings.