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Grit, Determination, and Sharpie Markers

<p>Grit, Determination, and Sharpie Markers</p>
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Community Voices

Apathy Won Last Week, But Next Week…?

<p>Apathy Won Last Week, But Next Week…?</p>
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Wild + Free

<p>Wild + Free</p>
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Community Voices

Fibro sucks

I feel like each month something new pops up that’s related to fibro. I’ve had to basically stop everything I used to do, friends have moved on and I’m not that old. I feel like I’m 80! Just in the last 2 months, every joint in my hands swells and hurts. Can hardly wait to see what comes next.
#ChronicIllness #DepressionSymptoms #Pain

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Does anyone else feel like this?

Once in a blue moon, my brain tricks me into thinking none of my friends like me. And it spirals out of control. Sometimes I can’t even tell if it’s my anxiety or depression or both. The rational part of my brain knows my friends love me but I’ll think of times I accidentally offended them and wonder if they’re still upset by it (even after I’ve apologized and we’ve hung out since then.) It makes me feel lonely.
#Anxiety #lonely #Depression #mentalheathawareness #DepressionSymptoms

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What are your thoughts on using 5-HTP?

Hi there. I am undiagnosed butI have been feeling low mood poor sleep, poor self care and procrastinating a lot at work for more than five years, if I remember correctly. There were months when I even felt symptoms of anxiety and depression but Ido not have a proper diagnosis yet. I just recently out about this natural supplement called 5-HTP. It is believed to boost serotonin levels and aid in good sleep and calm emotions.

It's being sold as a food supplememt in our place that's why I'm willing to try it on very low doses. I know it is not advisable to self-medicate but at this point, I am willing to try anything available to bring my mental health to a better state. What are your thoughts or experience about this? Are there any worrying side effects that I should know before I start taking this?

#DepressionSymptoms #Anxiety #5 -HTP #supplements

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Community Voices

When family don't seem to get it
#tiredofexplaing #DepressionSymptoms

Any tips on how to handle it when your immediate family doesn't seem to understand that you have depression? I've been diagnosed over 2 years ago, and when my symptoms sometimes take over (e.g. being in the dark, irritability) I get called out on the symptom in question without anyone stepping back and thinking maybe I'm in a minor funk, as I call it.

Any tips, or do I have to muscle through the misunderstanding?

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