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How long do I have to wait for a meaningful response from someone on the Mighty customer service support team?

Still having tech issues after the latest update to the site sometime on Friday. No response. Have had very dismissive responses in the past as for other issues.

While I get it’s not necessarily’s still so triggering in addition to everything else going on in my life.......#CPTSD #Anxiety #invisible #Ignored #dismissed #notimportant #CheckInWithMe

I’m trying to not let it affect me so much..,,well not so successful with I overreacting?


First therapist session, feel worse then when I went In..

Went to see my therapist today, she didn't think the situation with my sweety was important enough to even talk about! She said "well this isn't about him, is it? It's about you". When she asked me what was troubling me lately. So now I feel worse then when I went in, I feel like shit, like what I am going through doesn't matter.. like it isn't important.. she literally tossed the one thing that has been eating at me under the rug. And acted like it wasn't important... #severedepression #notimportant #Letdown


How am I supposed to take this?

In a pretty dire situation right now. The state I am in is literally flooding and this Friday I have some crucial doc tests and appts I need to be at - neurological based and related to issue of that nature...well asked my mom for some help because I'd like to have a shower prior to going to these appts but she told me she had no money so I said okay. Today she bought a brand new Harley from the dealership and posted the images on social media...I can't help but feel unloved in this I wrong Or would you feel the same #notimportant #Homeless #parentisashamed #materialsmattermore

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