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    Disabled or apathetic? MS, PTSD, chronic pain, depression,… really? How do I live this way?

    I wake up every day hoping the #fog will clear but it rarely ever does. It’s like being #underground and seeing the #light and #goals way above but they’re hardly visible. I feel like I’m trying to figure out how to navigate and get up there, over one the #Pain and #Fatigue , and just see the light. Each day seems harder and I am continually being beaten down by societies demands just to stay alive, live, eat, breathe, function and get any type of care. My family has #Abandoned me because, as my sister said. “She just can’t.” My children have not abandoned me but they have their lives and because it’s so hard to travel, or get through each day, seeing them is rare. The bank is trying to take my house, just because they want it and not because I don’t, or can’t pay. I feel numb inside and scared. What happens if…? Do I become another statistic and #Homeless , alone and #suffering and no one cares? I’m not sure that’s depression or reality and reality sucks enough to make you feel depressed. I don’t want anymore “treatment” from anyone and I can’t afford it anyway . I want this to end. I’m PV

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    When childhood abuse leaves you mentally ill, & society throws you away.

    The more I work with the mentally ill - abused when children #Bipolar , #BPD , #Depression , and more, as a #councillor and one who has these illnesses too, due to obscene #Childhood trauma, of which I’m on the mend thank goodness.
    I’m no longer surprised at the horrifying abuse my clients have been subjected to when they were children, leaving them with mental illnesses, Rather, I’m sickened, with a deep sense of fury , lost on how utterly cruel, and evil their parents or family members who perpetrated the abuse are.
    The abuse I suffered for years as a small child, leaving me with borderpolar, which I’ve spent years recovering from, I’m no longer angry about, it doesn’t affect me anymore, but I do still have borderpolar
    My years of studying, & working on myself, helped me. I learned that healing comes when we let go, and move forward, and this helps my clients.
    My point is a serious concern, about HOW is its possible, to prioritise things like #black LIVES MATTER, or #fighting CANCER, or #the WAR ON DRUGS etc, which DO matter, and ARE important subjects, needing attention, , but where’s the headlines, the hype, #help , #Care or #concern for children ( now adults) - who've been #brutally abused? And the circumstances have left them #mentally ILL as a result? And who are mostly #Homeless , #addicts to numb the pain. Who society has thrown away?

    It’s not OKAY! The priorities surrounding #mental ILLNESS, don’t exist. Rather, they’re #PUNISHED AGAIN, #vilified , #abused and more,

    It’s overdue, long overdue, to make headlines, hold fundraising events, highlight and educate people on #mental ILLNESS, and DO SOMETHING real to help, , to do your part in the desperately needed love and care, who’ve #suffered HORRENDOUSLY, leaving them sick and thrown away.

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    In My So Called Lupus Life

    Hi! My name is Rhonda and I am new here. I am a 52 year old punk rock poet and spoken word artist, working in homelessness, and have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus since I was 16. I have been given 6 months to live many times. I am looking for an online support system to discuss the challenges of having such a torturing chronic illness. #Lupus #SystemicLupusErythematosus #ChronicIllness #punkrock #MightyPoets #Poetry #Homeless #homelessness

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    This Chrismas be grateful if...

    <p>This Chrismas be grateful if...</p>
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    My name is Jillian, I’m 19 and was diagnosed with autism around the age of 6, I have always struggled to read body language and ended up in an unsafe situation. My dad has always refused to accept my diagnosis and left our family, my mom has always shrugged my problems off and responded to me with things like “that has happened to me too” I have always asked for support but they have always dismissed me unless they can gain from my distress. My cries for help have never been heard. During covid we bought an rv and traveled, we ended up in GA on a campground where we work and live.

    Recently, my boss got close to me and my family. He raped me multiple times, he often hits me and leaves buries on me. I told my mom that it was happening and she told me she was raped too, I felt so stuck and lost, and when she sees the buries she said it was a hickey and I was being dramatic. It’s been going on for 3 months the first time it happened was july 3rd my Mom has control of my money, it all goes to her and she gives me it when she thinks I need it. I have looked into shelters. I’m scared to go because my Mom has sent me to them all my life and I have been abused and taken advantage of at every turn, even in places where iwnas meant to be safe. Every time I feel safe the wool gets thrown over my eyes. It keeps happening since Ii have no support and me and my family would have nowhere to go. He has friends in law enforcement including the local sheriff, I don't own a car and no one is willing to bring me to the hospital or police station to help, and im scared getting help may mean losing my family. My Family is the only thing thats been consistent in my life and the only financial support I have is them or my boss, who is also the owners best friend so we may lose our home and place to live.

    I have been thinking of getting an in home carer to help me learn the skills that can better help me protect myself, live on my own, enforce boundeies with people and feel safe. I have called multiple crisis lines and all have been unhelpful, only passing me onto another number to call who really haven’t been able to help. I have two dogs who are all that keep me feeling safe, so I’m absolutely terrified of going to a shelter and leaving them behind, they’re my only friends, I’ve got my boyfriend as support, but he lives in another country and can only do so much to help. I’m so desperate for help and trying so hard, but scared I’ll find trauma behind every door.

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    Name one thing you've done today to help someone else.

    Today I have helped a homeless lady by giving her some food and gave half hour of my time to speak to her. It made her smile so I'm happy. #Homeless

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    Unemployed + Broke

    My student allowance ends in a week- which helped to pay my rent, bills and to bascially live. Every job I apply for either never gets back to me, or I get declined. Jobs usually take like a fortnight to get back to people or just don’t.... so I’m Fcuked. Makes me want to crawl into bed and hide from the world.... but nooo I can’t... cause I need a job. + having hardly any friends to talk to... makes life AMAZING RIGHT NOW 🥳 #Work #Depression #unemployment #Homeless #money

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    How to show care to a rough sleeper

    There is a man who sleeps rough on the bench at my city bus stop where i get off.

    I feel so bad that i avert my eyes and walk past him every single day.

    Sometimes he is still sleeping when my bus drops me off, other times he's getting packed up ready for whatever his day brings.

    How can i show him i see him and i care without making him feel embarassed? Should i buy him something - a cafe gift card or something? He never begs or asks for anything, and everyone pretends they cant see him.

    My problem with buying something for him is that it will only help him for a short time, and i cant do that over and over again.

    Compassion and humanness are free, but would he really want to be noticed?

    Ive never had homelessness shoved in my face like that before, and after a year or so, i cant keep walking past it without acknowledging him.

    #MentalHealth #Homeless #compassion

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    So I'm doing really well on the outside. I've started 2 online courses, I'm getting up ticking things off lists, I'm self caring, I'm painting again.
    But God am I lonely in this hostel room, where I'm not allowed guests & I'm 100's of miles from my friends and family. I miss my puppy (he is with my best friend) I hate I had to leave him to flee. Most days I don't mind I had to flee my home town and leave everything because I feel safer here.. but I fight this loneliness and isolation.
    I'm in my 30's and I'm starting over from scratch. It's not easy but I know I'm building something more fulfilling in the long run, I'm finally getting funding for therapy, my life is better here. But the evenings the loneliness kicks in, i need a hug.

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