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Crisis team #ukmentalhealth #suppot #notsure #Borderline Bipolar depression

Someone just sent me this and I think it sums the crisis team up. Maybe I am in the middle of being with them and am not feeling very positive but they are lovely people most of them but the other half seem to read from a text book and have no empathy for your situation. If I get told to meditate one more time I think I will scream!!!! Anyone else have this problem? #UK #Bipolar #MentalHealth #Suicide #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #emotionalinstabilitydisorder #help


Mending Fences

I cling to my past like it's an anchor, so I tend to think on my mistakes. I relive -- over and over -- the wrong paths I've chosen. My heart aches for those I've hurt along the way.

Recently, I've wondered if reaching out to them to "mend the fence" would grant the peace I so often long for? Would asking them for forgiveness allow me to forgive myself and, by extension, let go of my past? Would their rejection, should it come, only make the situation worse; or would I find respite despite their response?

Does anyone have any experience with this? ... asking for a friend.



How soon should I quit the job?

Hey guys. I'm quitting a job, but not sure when (and no one knows about it yet). But I'm applying for a postgraduate studies, so don't know whether I should qiut as late as possible or soon. Personally, I'm so fed up with this job. So so so much fed up. #quittingjob #PhD #notsure


#overthinking #cantdecide #notsure #denial

Am I the only one who thinks that there are some cases of patients who get a false diagnose cause it's not something that you can be sure about 100% or have any test to see if you have it or am I in a big denial?
Got a lot on my mind... On one hand since I "got it" I felt like thank God now I have a name for it now and In that time it was kind of relief but on the other hand, I just don't know. I feel like my life stopped for too long and I can't find a way to get out of this dark place, and even if I manage to start doing that it's not holding that much max few days.
It's so hard living like that without any routine and In my case got some issues at home with the family so it's another weight on me that I have to handle with and sometimes even to be strong for them.
Don't really trust my friends or anybody especially now that forgot how to social with people after long time that I haven't do it. Weird thing ever!!!!!!!
I used to be so bubbly, funny and loud(in a good way)
I don't even know why I'm typing here I guess I don't wanna feel alone in general and with this kind of thoughts...