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When to quit your job?

This is probably one of the most feared questions for people with chronic pain. In the United States economy, quitting a job might imply not only losing your source of income, but also your health insurance and retirement benefits.

In my case, I took that decision against my will and plans. For several years, I had been suffering from cervical radiculopathy, and dealing with it with physical therapy and pain medications, but rejecting any suggestions of surgery. Although my primary doctor insisted that I must give serious consideration to a decompression of the affected nerves, I preferred to change my doctor than to hear her advice. Until it was an urgent matter.

I remember, I was driving home from my work and my arms became so heavy and weak, that it was difficult for me to keep grabbing the wheel. That day, I decided to consult the neurosurgeon I had been recommended many moons ago. After ordering an MRI, the doctor recommended an ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion) from C5 to C7. Not doing the recommended procedure might cause a paralysis of my left arm with no possibility of recovery, even doing the surgery at that moment. The expected recovery time was 3 months. Considering the option, 3 months out of work suddenly didn’t look so long to me. But when that time passed, I was still in pain, with limited mobility on my neck. That was a problem, because I felt unsure that I can safely drive (because of my neck stiffness) and to be able to avoid or prevent a car accident.

At the time, I was working as a Case Manager for a senior services non profit organization, and driving was part of the job. So, I found myself no longer able to fulfill the requirements of my job description. Without any plan or alternative, I had to quit my beloved job, that gave me so much satisfaction in life. I give thanks to God, for He provided for mine and my family needs, until my disabilities benefits were approved. I also thank my wife, family and church, for their continued support and prayers. Without them, I might not have endured this battle.

The real recovery time was about 9 months, and after recovery, new spinal problems developed in thoracic and lumbar areas. I am currently disabled, with multiple spinal problems and chronic pain. In reality, nobody can tell you when you should quit your job, but I just want to remind you that your health and life quality is most valuable than you might think. So, I'll say better sooner than later. #ChronicPain #quittingjob #healthandqualityoflife


Help me!

I'm having some real struggles. Im in homehealth care, hospice mostly thats how my jobs end. Anywho, started a new assignment 3weeks ago for a pay cut,but you have to work, you know? My duties are a lot more intense than my pay reflects, so I've been looking elsewhere. Yesterday, a new opportunity came to me for alot more money per hour, but I need to start immediately. My problem is, I've never quit a assignment. Patient care is my passion., these people I presently work for have no others to help them and will be left with minimum help,family doesn't do much. How can I just quit, but for my family I need to.
Having so much anxiety! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. #aniexty #quittingjob

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Quitting - maybe for good

I quit my job this week. After 50 years of living with emotional pain, I’d spent the last five months dealing with drug interactions, a job that I was failing at, and physical issues that made it impossible to imagine moving forward with my life. I have succeeded in angering and disappointing my family and the few friends I have left. I don’t know if I really want to die, but it’s on my mind a lot. I am feeling alone and don’t know what to do next. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-loathing, fear and weariness are all closing in. I wish there was a safe place I could go to get better. So many lost years and lost opportunities - not to mention deep disappointment. Every cell in my body hurts. What a waste of a life. I am so sorry that I’ve failed so completely. #quittingjob , #failure



I’m finally getting the gumption to find a different job. I’ve been taking care of some old people as a caregiver. they are very old and I’m afraid they will pass on soon.

I love them and could not face that.


Quitting a job you’re extremely unhappy with.

I’ve been working at this shithole for about a couple months and everyday I hate my life a little more every time I clock in. I’m in the nursing field and being a nurse assistant is a challenge already on its own. Not only do most of the LVNs, RNs and other positions higher than you look down on you but sometimes the job itself is degrading. I love all my patients and have built a relationship with them but other co workers make it hard for me to enjoy my job. They’re lazy no teamwork whatsoever, favoritism , and constant stress to fulfill hard and time consuming tasks with no help. Most of the other nurses get easy assignments while I get stuck with hard assignments. I lift heavy patients on my own because no one will help me, I go home with headaches everyday I even cry in the middle of my shifts. It’s my day off and I still dread going to work. Waking up for me is already a task since I do battle depression and anxiety and this makes it 10 times worse.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to quit a job you’re unhappy with. YOU come first before any company. None of these people care about you or your mental health so don’t feel guilty.

As of right now I’m building up the courage to quit. I have a second job who’s willing to put me full time. So fuck this place. Ima miss my patients who I think about even on my days off but I have to go. #Work #Stress #Depression #worklifebalance #quittingjob


How soon should I quit the job?

Hey guys. I'm quitting a job, but not sure when (and no one knows about it yet). But I'm applying for a postgraduate studies, so don't know whether I should qiut as late as possible or soon. Personally, I'm so fed up with this job. So so so much fed up. #quittingjob #PhD #notsure


#BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #quittingjob  How do I explain I'm quitting due to my Mental Health?

I've been at this amazing job for a few months now, but my boss has been scheduling me to work everyday, including weekends, with no days off for months now and it's really affecting my ability to manage my bipolar depression. I've already found a new job willing to work with me, but I would rather avoid telling my boss about the new job to avoid conflict and just explain I'm quitting for health reasons. I just don't know what to say. Help?