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Any advice for a newbie to Ostomy Bag?

Things are looking like I may get an ostomy bag due to no meds are helping my colon work. I also have a GJ peg feeding tube port. #Colostomy #Ileostomy #OstomyBag #Gastroparesis #FeedingTube


No time to think clearly

Just stumbled upon #52SmallThings , and the weekly challenge. I love journalling and have bought a huge journal I'm still learning how to use, and am not so good at keeping it daily, especially on the days as #stressful as today. 1. No shower this morning due to shortness of staff where I live, 2. chasing up a late order of emergency #OstomyBag supplies, 3. while wearing the last remaining ostomy bag and knowing I had no spares. Afterwards, fatigue had me dozing, and then rushing around pre-taxi for an appt. Forced stillness at said appt watching an engineer re-build the back of my wheelchair. Greatful for rest, food and meds at the end of all that. Oh, and I finally got my shower, so I'm more relaxed despite not feeling remotely sleepy. Relieved this day is at an end! #3minutejournal