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#SideEffects #Medication #itching #Oxycodone

Does anyone experience itching after taking percocet? If so do you think it’s worth taking percocet for pain, even if it’s the only medication that works for pain, if you constantly have to deal with itching? Do any of you also have eczema? I have eczema and have taken Percocet in the past only to experience severe itching allergic reaction. But it’s the only thing that helps the pain


Anyone else switch to #morphine after your tolerance to other meds built up quickly #Oxycodone every 4 hrs prior and it no longer was working

Fibro is only 1 of my chronic illnesses im 32 and mentally and physically am falling apart invisibly and visibly...A digestive issue causes me to not absorb all the nutrients in food or all the medication in my meds.. after trying all meds on the market i gave up then I started going to an internist who sent me to pain management after trial and error i was on oxy every 4hrs for 18mos or so.. but its not working now we just switched to morphine hoping to go back when my tolerance is better... anyone else have good luck with a combo of morphine and cortisone shots?
#Fibromyalgia #SideEffects

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is there anyone with #ChronicPain who has succesfully used #Tapering #taperstrips to lower the dose or stop with #Oxycodone?

I would love to hear about how your experiences with #taperstrips .

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#Withdrawing from opiods

hi, I’ve been accepted on our medicinal cannabis program in Aus. The problem is the horrific withdrawals I’m going through trying to get off all the oxycodone fromEndone and Targin that I have been on for years. The last few days have been hell, if it wasn’t for my Lab in the pic with me cuddling me and licking my tears away I would have taken all the pills I had to stop my suffering on Friday. Has anyone gone through this, how long will I have to suffer these awful withdrawals?
#DistractMe #withdrawal #Oxycodone withdrawals