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I’m on 3 different types of morphine, and have been for a long time. However just lately I am struggling to take my oramorph, as all of a sudden the taste is just making borke. Is there any type of drink I can mix it with that will make it taste better? I’ve tried a few but nothing has worked yet.
#morphine #ChronicPain #ArnoldChiariMalformation #Osteoporosis #Fibromyaliga #Arthritis

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Happy 2 Year #Migraine to me!

<p>Happy 2 Year <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Migraine" href="/topic/migraine/" data-id="5b23ce9c00553f33fe997c0a" data-name="Migraine" aria-label="hashtag Migraine">#Migraine</a>  to me!</p>
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I'm having a serious flare up of pain it's so bad...

<p>I'm having a serious flare up of pain it's so bad...</p>
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Anyone else switch to #morphine after your tolerance to other meds built up quickly #Oxycodone every 4 hrs prior and it no longer was working

Fibro is only 1 of my chronic illnesses im 32 and mentally and physically am falling apart invisibly and visibly...A digestive issue causes me to not absorb all the nutrients in food or all the medication in my meds.. after trying all meds on the market i gave up then I started going to an internist who sent me to pain management after trial and error i was on oxy every 4hrs for 18mos or so.. but its not working now we just switched to morphine hoping to go back when my tolerance is better... anyone else have good luck with a combo of morphine and cortisone shots?
#Fibromyalgia #SideEffects

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Community Voices

Does anyone else have a pain pump and find it helps so much more than oral meds? I am so thankful I had the surgery. #painpump #morphine

So thankful to have had this 4th back surgery in two years. Hoping this is the beginning of getting my life back.