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I’m on 3 different types of morphine, and have been for a long time. However just lately I am struggling to take my oramorph, as all of a sudden the taste is just making borke. Is there any type of drink I can mix it with that will make it taste better? I’ve tried a few but nothing has worked yet.
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Happy 2 Year #Migraine to me!

Happy 2 Year Migraine to me! It's not deadly, just debilitating & soul sucking!
I have amazing Doctors taking care of me. In fact I would be at the #Mayo in Scottsdale if #COVID19 hadn't happened.
So how do I get through the daily? Some days I was able to get up & exercise immediately. I found if I walked right away, the endorphins would give me a 4 hour window of "health". I was even looking into going back to work in some capacity.
But most days I'm a vampire. I hide from the light, live in near silence & try not to move.
I have lost count of how many Occipital Nerve & Sphenopalantine Ganglion Nerve Blocks I've had. At least #botox is included.
I am thankful to not be in the group of #Migraineurs that have had an episode lasting 20 years. My jaw fell open when I was told that they survive on 900 mg of morphine/day. Most days I would kill for 10mg of #morphine or even 1 #tylenol3. I can't get either bc of the #OpioidCrisis . Maybe it's a blessing, but most days it's a curse.
I've been able to do some shows while heavily medicated. You just don't see what a mess I am afterwards. That my Brother has to help me at the airport bc I can't check myself in.
I wear sunglasses all the time, not to be cool, but bc that's how I deal.
So what keeps me going? I have had so many health struggles, both physically & mentally. I want you to know that our will to survive is WAY stronger than our will to die. & I've wanted to die! I literally have the #Suicide headache!
So, I've just taken my second dose of #Emgality . Fingers crossed it works! But even if it doesn't, I want you to know it's gonna be OK! I have a Husband who loves me, a roof over my head, no food insecurity, & clean water to drink. We also have 8 Nieces & Nephews growing up fast & we need to be a positive example for the kids.
I know most of us grew up thinking it was shameful to talk publicly about personal problems. I am so happy to be in an era where feelings are to be expressed & not suppressed.
I am thankful that there are people who will love you as is even if getting dressed & leaving the house isn't an option most days.
So I leave you with this....Bad times don't last!💋 #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #youdontlooksick #InvisibleIllness

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I'm having a serious flare up of pain it's so bad...

I usually have my pain well managed but the nature of my injuries are complex. I fractured both my heel bones (bilateral calcaneal fractures) years ago. I'm able to walk and use special insoles for comfort and gait.

guys I am so sore. I am not accustomed to this level of pain for this long and I have many areas of pain and discomfort with metal work etc. my spine and my thigh/pelvis.

as you can see from the photo it's a neuropathic type pain that's why it is so red and localised to that part of the foot. it is agony and I've had the highest dose of morphine and I'm still suffering. can anyone off any comfort just now?

thank you 🙏💜

#ChronicPain #Orthopedic #fractures #morphine


Anyone else switch to #morphine after your tolerance to other meds built up quickly #Oxycodone every 4 hrs prior and it no longer was working

Fibro is only 1 of my chronic illnesses im 32 and mentally and physically am falling apart invisibly and visibly...A digestive issue causes me to not absorb all the nutrients in food or all the medication in my meds.. after trying all meds on the market i gave up then I started going to an internist who sent me to pain management after trial and error i was on oxy every 4hrs for 18mos or so.. but its not working now we just switched to morphine hoping to go back when my tolerance is better... anyone else have good luck with a combo of morphine and cortisone shots?
#Fibromyalgia #SideEffects

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Going through withdrawal. #

I'm currently getting off of opiods and in acute withdrawal. Anyone have any tips or tricks to make this easier? I am so happy to be off of them I just need to get through this! ❤ #withdrawal #Withdrawing #Opiods #Opiodsforchronicpain #Narcotics #fentanyl #embeda #morphine #Fibromyalgia #Pain


Does anyone else have a pain pump and find it helps so much more than oral meds? I am so thankful I had the surgery. #painpump #morphine

So thankful to have had this 4th back surgery in two years. Hoping this is the beginning of getting my life back.