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    If My Genetic Mutation Could Talk.

    A misspelling in my DNA, a simple error to bring on a lifetime of pain.
    A conversation waiting to be had but what on earth would be said.
    An apology - would that suffice? For years of heartache and strife.
    Would a simple conversation do? Would I even want to talk to you?

    #ifmyhealthconditioncouldtalk #MightyPoets #RareDisease #GeneticMutation #Pheochromocytomas #Sdhb

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    i have sudden onset hypertension after10 years withe neuroendocrine disease now all signs pointing to this rare condition called Pheochromocytoma. I’ve been on bed rest since Christmas and now my kidneys starting to fail. I feel anxious and depressed and even excited that there might be a hard core diagnosis. Something they can actually take out. I’m isolated and lonely. I also have carcinoid Cancer and had my treatment today so of course I feel sick. There is just nothing to look forward too nothing to break the monotony. I feel invisisible. It’s been a hard two months. My blood pressure is so high I feel like a walking stroke victim when I just walk to the kitchen. None of the medication is working. How crazy is it that my light at the end of the tunnel is a life threatening tumor. That just feels wrong on so many levels but it’s the truth.

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