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    If my health condition could talk... #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    If my health condition could talk,
    It would be whispering.
    Whispering so quietly that I can hardly hear it,
    Yet so loudly that it’s deafening.

    A constant whisper telling me that I’m a failure,
    Telling me to hide away because no one cares.
    No one likes me,
    Everyone’s laughing at me.

    If my health condition could talk,
    You would see that my smile is hiding the turmoil in my head.
    My head is so full of worries and doubt,
    Self-hatred and anger.

    You would see that when I say I’m fine,
    I may not really be fine.
    You’d hear the nasty things the voice in my head says,
    It might scare you.

    It always scares me.

    If my health condition could talk,
    It would ask you to be patient with me.
    Be patient when I go quiet,
    When I’m crying, when I can’t get the words out to say how I’m feeling.

    Be understanding when I get frustrated,
    When I so desperately want to go somewhere but I just can’t.
    When you’ve reassured me 100 times but I still ask the same question- Do you love me?

    If my health condition could talk,
    It would tell you that I have Borderline Personality Disorder.

    And it would tell you that I am trying my best.

    #MightyPoets #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ifmyhealthconditioncouldtalk #Poem #BPD #Depression #Anxiety


    If My Genetic Mutation Could Talk.

    A misspelling in my DNA, a simple error to bring on a lifetime of pain.
    A conversation waiting to be had but what on earth would be said.
    An apology - would that suffice? For years of heartache and strife.
    Would a simple conversation do? Would I even want to talk to you?

    #ifmyhealthconditioncouldtalk #MightyPoets #RareDisease #GeneticMutation #Pheochromocytomas #Sdhb


    Midnight Musings #ifmyhealthconditioncouldtalk

    02:06 November 1, 2016

    A mind, lost
    Liberty it wants
    Comes at a cost
    For it must escape its human shell
    In order to be free and well
    And rejoin its cousins in the Universe.

    A mind, torn
    Between the planet
    Of the forlorn
    And the omnipresence
    That calls out from the infinite skies
    Which of these are lies?

    A mind, thrown
    Into a dilemma
    Life on earth alone
    Or pursue death?
    Be One with Nature
    Save humanity's future...

    #MightyPoets #Psychosis  #SchizoaffectiveDisorder  #Schizophrenia  #Reality


    If my health condition could talk

    If my health condition could talk, it wouldn’t.
    It would scream until it had no voice.
    It would remind me that I have no idea what I’m doing.
    It would whisper “you’re broken” instead of “good night”.
    #ifmyhealthconditioncouldtalk #Depression

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    If my health condition could talk...

    If my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome could talk,
    I hardly think it’d have anything nice to say.
    My EDS may not speak to my mind but it certainly speaks to my body.
    If my EDS could talk I would beg, plead, and barter for relief from the pain, even just for a day.
    If my EDS could talk I would beckon the question “why me?”
    EDS is so many different things to so many people.
    No ones experience with EDS is the same as another’s.
    Through my eyes, EDS is something my family has struggled with for generations.
    It’s something that has taken friends and opportunities away from us,
    Something that plagues our bodies and genetics,
    Something that has put us in so many uncertain and scary situations,
    Something that doesn’t care if you would rather spend Christmas (or any holiday) at home rather than the hospital,
    Something that effects every single cell in our bodies.
    To me, EDS is also something that builds character.
    Because of my EDS, I am undeniably a better person.
    I am more appreciative of my health because I have seen parents walk out of the hospital with a teddy bear in memory of their child.
    I am more grateful for my family who are on this journey with me every day.
    I am more empathetic toward those who are struggling, whether it be mentally or physically, because I myself have hit many bumps in the road and know how hopeless life can feel when you are simply dealt the wrong cards.
    I am more positive because I have learned the hard way that when the going gets tough, when life is pitching curve ball after curve ball, choosing to respond with pessimism not only doesn’t change your situation but it pushes away the people you care about.
    If my EDS could talk...
    I pray it would listen first.
    I’d thank it for how strong I have become,
    I’d say that although it is apart of me it is not all I am,
    and that I’m not going down without a fight. ❤️🦓🧬

    #MightyPoets #MightyPoets #ifmyhealthconditioncouldtalk #NoOneFightsAlone #fighter #EDSAwareness #Spoonie #ChronicPain #zebrastrong #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #SpinaBifida #MastCellActivationDisorder #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #TetheredSpinalCordSyndrome #ChronicIllness #GeneticDisorders #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Osteoarthritis EhlersDanlosNationalFoundation



    If my health condition could talk,
    It would repeatedly ask me,
    "Does it really matter if you look sick?
    You *are* sick. Why don't they get it?"
    I would remind my sickness she isn't a queen,
    And, in fact, epilepsy sucks.
    Then I would seize, day after day.