I am posting this here because most of us are at risk from this virus, so the way this has been handled impacts us significantly more than the average person. We should be more angry with them than most. We are the ones they saw as acceptable losses. We can't let that go. This is my message to our political leaders: If this country gets reopened too soon, it will be the most irresponsible move in American history, and will result in losing EVEN MORE lives than we already have to. STOP MESSING UP. Can you really not see how bad of a mistake that would be?? Stop being weak. Stand up to those saying that you need to move faster than medical professionals advise. Get on the right side of history because it WILL be recorded forever in the history books, and hopefully they'll tell the truth about how the majority of these lives could have been saved if our leaders had reacted when they should have and with the seriousness that was required. We should have been shut down AT LEAST in January. We wouldn't be staying at home now it we had. There would be some guidelines in place, but they would have been able to contain the spread. Every death beyond what we would have lost if we'd shut down in January has been directly caused by political drama and we should NOT be accepting that as just life or okay. We should be outraged and letting them know how horrible it is that they've allowed so many to die. Yes, I blame them because it IS their fault. For more, visit the link in my profile #dobetter #pandemic2020 #AloneTogether #stayathome #stayhome #politicians #governors #President #electedofficials #youarebeingirresponsible #ChronicIllness #Addiction #MentalHealth #relationships #money #economy