Okay I am fairly new here and I would like to share my story... Well... at least one aspect of it. Just when I thought things had settled down after yet another hit of shaming, hurtful words, toxic people and fake people who claim to be friends. I share this because I refuse to let all the hurt and abuse I have endured, I am still here and I continue to fight. Just because there are some (okay most) people that seem to enjoy putting others down, mistreating, talking about them and ridiculing them for the sheer purpose that they are Evil and need to do such horrible things to others so that they can live with themselves and "put themselves on a pedestal" and so they can have some sort of twisted life. I have never been able to understand those type of people as am a firm believer in Karma and what goes around comes around. It does not take any extra effort nor does it cost any monetary amount, just be kind. (Okay, so maybe a little more breath to speak) But why not use kind words, a polite gesture, a smile or a compliment?? Geeze, hate is already destroying so much is something so small as a smile so hard? I had net a very toxic Pandemic "Friend" whom was aware of my Health issues. And because after 2 years of their joking, ridiculing, hurtful words and hate finally decided that I was the "problem of Damaged goods" and they ended the friendship with very violent and hateful, hurtful words. My Heart literally Broke like the hurt I felt when I lost My Mom. I cried myself into an Asthma attack and Prayed for GOD to help and deliver me from this pain. The tears still fall from the Hurt that anyone can treat another human being that way and not even be bothered by it in the least little bit. But, the odd thing is, I feel relieved. As if this Huge weight has been removed and I can run a marathon. I also realized that I know who I am, I Love me even when know one else does and GOD Loves me. I refuse to let those Toxic damaged people change me and change who I am. I will never be like them. I love to laugh and I want everyone to be happy. Happiness helps you over the rough spots. Positivity brings results. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, I just wanted to share a moment in hopes that it will help someone realize they are Special no matter what anyone says. We are all created in a very unique way... Half the fun is finding out what it is. For those that are hurting too... I wish you Healing Hugs 🤗 #Prayerchangesthings
#don 'tGiveUp