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#Sadness #Pain #Loneliness #hurtfulwordspeoplesay #Survivor

Okay I am fairly new here and I would like to share my story... Well... at least one aspect of it. Just when I thought things had settled down after yet another hit of shaming, hurtful words, toxic people and fake people who claim to be friends. I share this because I refuse to let all the hurt and abuse I have endured, I am still here and I continue to fight. Just because there are some (okay most) people that seem to enjoy putting others down, mistreating, talking about them and ridiculing them for the sheer purpose that they are Evil and need to do such horrible things to others so that they can live with themselves and "put themselves on a pedestal" and so they can have some sort of twisted life. I have never been able to understand those type of people as am a firm believer in Karma and what goes around comes around. It does not take any extra effort nor does it cost any monetary amount, just be kind. (Okay, so maybe a little more breath to speak) But why not use kind words, a polite gesture, a smile or a compliment?? Geeze, hate is already destroying so much is something so small as a smile so hard? I had net a very toxic Pandemic "Friend" whom was aware of my Health issues. And because after 2 years of their joking, ridiculing, hurtful words and hate finally decided that I was the "problem of Damaged goods" and they ended the friendship with very violent and hateful, hurtful words. My Heart literally Broke like the hurt I felt when I lost My Mom. I cried myself into an Asthma attack and Prayed for GOD to help and deliver me from this pain. The tears still fall from the Hurt that anyone can treat another human being that way and not even be bothered by it in the least little bit. But, the odd thing is, I feel relieved. As if this Huge weight has been removed and I can run a marathon. I also realized that I know who I am, I Love me even when know one else does and GOD Loves me. I refuse to let those Toxic damaged people change me and change who I am. I will never be like them. I love to laugh and I want everyone to be happy. Happiness helps you over the rough spots. Positivity brings results. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, I just wanted to share a moment in hopes that it will help someone realize they are Special no matter what anyone says. We are all created in a very unique way... Half the fun is finding out what it is. For those that are hurting too... I wish you Healing Hugs 🤗 #Prayerchangesthings
#don 'tGiveUp


This sentiment bothers me.. #Depression #borderlinepersonal

People who use the sentiment of its it's never easy/smooth that's why its it's so rewarding in the end. I understand the idea of well working hard is what gives you feeling of a compliment and peace in the long run. But let me tell you what it tells me...

It tells me that its it's never going to get easier all the hard work crying and tears. Are forever going to stay with me. To get used to being abandoned and used and depressed and sad. Because that's how life is. There is no getting better.. and in the end it just confirms to me. I did not sign up for a life where o dont get to finally be at peace... I dont want to live in a life where every time i think I've gotten to a point where i can relax and feel at peace fear that right around the corner is my fall.. NO NO i dont want it. It just makes me want to not exist more. It makes me want to die. I dont wanna live this way. It hurts too much its it's not worth it hurting this much. #SuicidalThoughts #SuicidalIdeation #hurtfulwordspeoplesay #Hurtinginside #DependentPersonalityDisorder


Dare I say...I’ve had enough. #hurtfulwordspeoplesay #Trauma

I wrote this in my journal and I thought maybe it might help someone who’s going through the same inner workings of trauma and depression and other diagnoses. Sometimes people aren’t the most supportive. I wrote it after experiencing a train wreck of emotions after dealing with lack of empathy from family members who tend to gaslight me.

“How do I keep ending up like this? Wrecked, abused, damaged, spun out-of-control, just name a few. These words spell disaster. How do I sift myself from out of the ashes? Everyone seems to think I can just get over it. One word can feel like a hundred knives digging deep into my core. Do you know what it feels like to be silenced in the loudest of rooms? No one hears you, everything fades to black, you’re just forgotten in time. The people who once knew you, all but give a passing glance. If only they had listened more instead of piping judgements and criticisms. Nobody ever told someone they were being too sensitive over having a broken bone, or quit being “dramatic” already! Like we’d actually choose this life of illness, right!? 🙄 Internal wounds are just as real as the external kind. And you can hurt someone just as deeply with duel-wielding words such as those that are dismissive and littered with gas lighting. I’m actually understanding a bit more that when these tactics are used against me, I blame myself and I fight self-harm urges. It’s no wonder then, that if I consume fire, then I get burned!!!”

#Gaslighting #Pain #Selfharm #EmotionalAbuse #PsychologicalAbuse #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #empath


Just read this, want to curl up now and bawl my eyes out :(

On a youtube video with the title 'DATING SOMEONE WHO'S BIPOLAR: WHAT NOT TO DO' from youtuber Lizziesanswers I just read this reaction from a guy that calls himself J Johnson and honestly... I just started crying... Am having severe suicidal thoughts right now. That there are actually people feeling this way about 'us'.... And in the meantime questioning if that's really what we're like.

How do you feel about this? People with lovers, family or friends who have Bipolar... How do YOU feel about this?

"Sarah Taylor no they are not. They are irresponsible, quick to anger and violence. There entire life is often plagued by chaos, insecurity and overall instability period. They are not like everyone els and I’ve watched bipolar women destroy lives and families and I’ve watched bipolar men ruin lives by self destructing their own. Bipolar women are absolutely insane and typically spend their lives going through friend after friend and lover after lover like disposable lighters because they drive everyone away with their chaos and toxic behavior. I’ve seen them use their children as weapons against their own family members by telling their kids everyone is just awful and they don’t really love them..point being is that in the 31 years of my life I’ve known many bipolar people and it is very rare for them to lead normal lives. They lead self destructive lives and those who love them suffer. I’m not saying bipolar people are evil or even bad, I’m just saying it’s ignorant to pretend they are just totally normal. I’m tired of this bullshit society of mindless drones believing everything their told, I’m tired of the complacency that has taken over our world. There is nothing wrong with not sacrificing your life and quality of life for another. I’m not going to pretend that people who are not normal are normal."

#BipolarDisorder #EndTheStigma #hurtfulwordspeoplesay


Mental Health Shame

Wanted to ask if anyone had received and endured unhelpful and hurtful comments about struggling with your mental health from those nearest and dearest. What was said and how did you respond? Also, what if those shameful comments don’t cease? #Shame #Stigma #Guilty #Microaggression #Belittled #hurtfulwordspeoplesay #Lackofsupport


The hurtful things people say.....

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, again (!!🙄💔!!) my co-worker says to me “you are one of the most chronically ill people I have ever met”. She really wasn’t trying to be mean or anything, she is the sweetest lady, that always covers for me. But it sure stung. I found myself explaining things to her. But after thinking about this all night (yeah it was a great night’s sleep), I realized that I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. I cannot help what my body is doing to me, I mean after all, wouldn’t any of us change it if we could?! How do you handle the people who will just never get it? Mostly the people you want to keep in your life? I have removed most toxic people.....


I Don’t Know Her and She Doesn’t Know Me. #Discord #sisters

I just can’t today. I don’t understand my sister or the dynamics between us. She’s condescending and cruel. All I want is for time to stop so that I don’t have to talk to her. #SocialAnxiety #Depression #hurtfulwordspeoplesay


Re: Hurtful things people say #hurtfulwordspeoplesay

Another one I get because my diseases are rare, I's the ever so famous " I have never heard of anything like that. Your doctor must be a quack and needs to take you off all those meds." Spoken to me by my mom on multiple occasions.
#no one believes #RareDiseases , #incorrigibleparent

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