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Depression during pregnancy #DepressionSymptoms #MentalHealth #Bipolar2Disorder #PTSD

Nobody knows how hard it is to have no control over your emotions. Having to have mood swings with pregnancy, dealing with a high risk and bipolar2. Taking no pills and doing no therapy. If only you can see the inside of my brain, the thoughts, the dreams, the memories it has. Nobody with a normal brain will ever understand even if they see videos or read books. But you know what? Just as physical health is important mental health is as well. You can't see it but you can feel it. I write my feelings down it control my mood but I would love someone who can listen without judging or assuming. Someone understanding, someone who really cares about my brain, my thoughts, my mental health. Somebody who will be there to support you and not put you down or tell you this is wrong and that's not ok. Depression is no joke, it's not you it's your brain controlling your mind and feelings. Telling you how to feel today. Dark clouds over your eyes not letting you see to know where your walking and making you guess when you will see light again. #pregnant #Prematurity #mom #premature baby stress #EarlyIntervention


HRT and endo

Hi guys, I have had endo all my life and have tried all the #Fertility options without any luck. We’ve given up and are fostering to have some little ones in our lives. I have just been diagnosed with #premature peri #menopause and sine I’m in my 30s they’ve put me on oestrogen and progesterone which has helped with headaches and night sweats but now my endo pain is getting worse again 😩 Which is something that can happen obviously. Just wondering if anyone has any magic insights into how to handle them both