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A way to start the day

Today is kinda of a make or break day. I have another Md appointment where they will give me news that will change my life one way or another. I’ve tried talking about it with other folks but I get that ‘don’t worry about’ and ‘I’m sure you’re fine’ which is worse than someone talking over you.
I attempted to face the day with some energy and high vibes. My partner was having his own shite fit and stared daggers at me. I just wanted to fade away in that moment. I walked away and started working on the plumbing with no tools. I could barely say goodbye for all the hurt and anger I felt. There’s just so much out of my control and it’s unbearable at times. This too will fade into the day. I just needed to vent to someone and I thank you for reading and hope your day is on the way up.
#Anxiety #Sjorgens #Depression #Fertility

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Egg Freezing…Plus Inflammation? #RheumatoidArthritis #Fertility #AutoimmuneDiseases

Hi all, I am starting the egg freezing process and worried that I am going to have increased inflammation due to hormone treatments. What is your experience/understanding? Any wisdom and words of advice would be greatly appreciated.


conflicting views around #Fertility and #Pregnancy

Hi, I would like to preface this post with the acknowledgment that fertility and pregnancy can be a very sensitive topic - I am just very confused in some of my views and was wondering if it was something any other possible child-breaking person has experienced.

I am only 21 years old (f) and have been with my partner (m) for 2 years now with the goal of going long term and hopefully one day marrying. From the outset of the relationship, both of us have been in agreement that children isn't something we really want. we don't have good reactions to being around children and often find them too much to cope with (we both have our respective mental health issues) and we would prefer to have animals one day after traveling and spending our life together.

Recently, however, I have been diagnosed with secondary #vaginismus and my partner has been having sever testicular pain which we think may be epididymitis which may need to be treated with surgery that will reduce his #Fertility . Now, despite always saying that I don't want children and still believing in that path for myself, being faced with these two issues almost makes it feel like our option to possibly change our mind might be taken away - even though we are both pretty dead set on remaining childless.

Is this #Conflict ever affected anyone else? it just seems very confusing that this possible loss of fertility is affecting me negatively when really it should be something that is aiding in my decision to not fall pregnant.


HRT and endo

Hi guys, I have had endo all my life and have tried all the #Fertility options without any luck. We’ve given up and are fostering to have some little ones in our lives. I have just been diagnosed with #premature peri #menopause and sine I’m in my 30s they’ve put me on oestrogen and progesterone which has helped with headaches and night sweats but now my endo pain is getting worse again 😩 Which is something that can happen obviously. Just wondering if anyone has any magic insights into how to handle them both


Pleading for a Hysterectomy.... #Endometriosis #ChronicPain #Fertility

Why im 2021 are women still having to fight for the right to surgery! It took me over a decade for my hysterectomy and its done nothing because the endo already spread out of my womb.



No children #Fertility

I've been super depressed for many years that I can't have children. I believe it is God's way of punishing me for the things I did as a teenager. Didn't even know I couldn't have kids until I tried. Want to try adoption or IVF, but the cost is extremely high for both and my husband is not up for either.