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A flawed view of depression

do watch this when you all get time. While medication may offer no cure to depression, (and here they argue anti-depressants don’t even fight the symptoms but which in my case it does) what do folks like me do when circumstances around are unforgiving, continue to be stacked so much against you and your sanity, sense of self worth, dignity is deeply imperiled ? Your grievously sick wife whom you love so much separates from you and you feel terrible for being a failed care taker, friends judge you & abandon you, you lose home, dogs? Professionally too you are a failure making no headway in career and this nothing really has to do with mediocrity or a deeply abominable temperament (flawed yes but then who isn’t?) but some voodoo or spell that repeatedly jinxes you? Anything you try - work, relationship, pursuits has always ended in failures, alienating you and wrecking prospects for a meaningful and fulfilling life. Grief and despair overwhelms your life everyday.

In such circumstances my medicines have at least given me some functional capacities helping me in keeping a veneer of sanity on an otherwise deeply lacerated self & soul. What do you further do when one just doesn’t have any emotional support whom one could count on, trust and our vulnerable self is not mocked at…?

Ideally no medicines should be taken yes but in circumstances like mine and likes, where and what options do we have? it’s not our brains but the context that precipitate such panic, anxiety, despair and anguish that don’t let go and an entire life has been nothing but visits of one disaster after another…in many instances without any trigger the brain short circuits and one is depressed…so what is the way out?

Somehow this documentary does not give a nuanced picture but merely demonises the pharma industry without deeply going into conditions that thousands of such beleaguered souls face. The left-liberal wokes with their eternally warped and twisted cognitive state are wreaking havoc in so many domains and mental health too is not immune from their ability to distort and condemn certain possibilities, however limited, without any nuance or less judging proclivities. Would like to see these same intellectuals being repeatedly assaulted by crippling and mind numbing traumas and see if they still continue mouthing their vitriolic against pharma capitalism? 😠 The desperate will cling to any leaf or twig when drowning in a whirlpool of loss, shame and hurt!

This documentary is on Youtube titled Tablets for depression by DW TV. Search and you will get the link in case the link below does not take you to the feature…
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Tablets for depression - Do antidepressants help? | DW Documentary

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