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🩻 I’m back! 🩻

Sorry, I’ve been a bit absent recently! I hope you didn’t think I’d forgotten about you all? You’ll be glad to hear that my chiropractor fixed me so now I’m back (pun intended 🩻🤗🤣)!! My body may be held together by Kinesiology Tape but it helps when you can have some fun with it! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I’d be lost, in agony, and falling apart, without my amazing chiropractor!!
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So I went to the painspecialist today and he listened to me and it turns out it wasn't a fibro flare like I thought. He said my back muscles were very tight and I had many knots. He did steroid injections and said if I ever feel this way again, I can call and make an appt for more injections. I finally found someone that believed me and listened and was able to give me relief the same day. He was also very enthusiatic and caringI got to my car and cried happy tears. Already feeling way better. #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #relief #Painrelief #CheckInWithMe

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Contrary to what the mainstream media and "anti-opioid" lobbyists would have you believe, legally prescribed opioid painkillers DO actually work for chronic pain. Opioids have been used for thousands of years to provide relief from pain, so why is there a mis-perception or inference in recent times they should only be used for acute pain?

In America the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines state there is "insufficient evidence to determine long-term benefits of opioid therapy for chronic pain" [SEE LINK BELOW], and in Australia we are told there is a "lack of evidence for opioids in the management of chronic non-cancer pain" [i.e. based on the International Assoc. for the Study of Pain Policy Document February 2018].

Many anti-opioid activists claim there is “no evidence” or "insufficient evidence" opioids work long-term, yet there are NO high quality, placebo controlled studies routinely conducted for longer than 3 months. Therefore, to say there is no evidence is "a misleading statement, because non-opioid pain medications and alternative treatments are not studied for long periods either."

IF there are no reputable or "good studies" that go beyond 3 months [i.e. due to funding and other regulatory and scientific restrictions], surely the absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence? There is a silent majority of responsible chronic pain patients, using their opioid pain killers safely and successfully for many years, yet their voice is not being heard.

#research #CDC #IASP #OpioidCrisis #PainManagement #Opioids #Painrelief #prescriptionopioids #Dontpunishpain #ChronicPain #PainManagement #OpioidEpidemic #OpioidCrisis #opioidtapering #forcetapering #Dependence #Addiction #opioidprescribingguidelines #OpioidHysteria #fearofopioids #opioidrestrictions #chronicpainpatients #deprescribingopioids #abandonment #untreatedpain #OpioidUseDisorder #SubstanceAbuse #PainKillers #StopTheStigma #Holisticcare #qualityoflife #noonesizefitsall

Study Finds Opioid Medication Effective for Chronic Pain — P...

Study Finds Opioid Medication Effective for Chronic Pain — Pain News Network

By Pat Anson, Editor Opioids have been used for thousands of years to provide relief from pain. But are they an effective treatment? Are they worth the risk of addiction? And do they improve quality of life? Millions of chronic pain patients who use prescription opioids so that they can work,
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How to tame the pain

I'm doing more self reflection and over the past decade of pain how many positive ways I distracted myself from my situation. After awhile you run out of ideas on how to get relief from the pain but now I find myself getting excited about nature again I mean I might not be able to take the hikes with my dog like I use to but just being in nature makes me so happy 😊. Anyways just a share and for those who haven't tried this method for both the mental and physical give it a try you won't be disappointed.#ChronicPain #spinaltrauma #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #, Nature #Painrelief

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#Painrelief #sijointpain #lowback #Fibromyalgia #neckpain

Since Marich been dealing with added pain from Si joint and lower back from a massage , not to mention suffer of fibro aghh!
Anyway I wanted something to help w the new aggravations since yoga was leaving me in more pain and essential oils weren't even cutting it , and I can't be medicated 24/7.
So I found this ointment and surprising it really does help it goes on cool and then starts to work lessening the pain and I'm told I dont smell like a horriable muscle rub , it has a spearmint / peppermint scent :)
If ur up to trying something new to aid with your daily headache of body pain u might wana try this .
Just a suggestion. 😊👍


#Fibromyaliga #Painrelief #naturalpainrelief

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read. I am really struggling with keeping a fibro flare at bay right now. I’m trying to sleep more because my body is begging me to. But I don’t have anything to help with pain. I am unable to take pain medication. I’m wondering if anyone has any natural pain relievers that have helped them? Any recommendations are helpful! :) Message me or comment, either way. Thanks again! Have a lovely day!
#Fibromyaliga #ChronicPain #PainManagement #Painrelief #Fibromyalgiaflare #fibromyalgiaflareup


What’s your favorite TENS unit?

I had an AccuRelief TENS unit that I have loved for years, that decided to die on me tonight. I’m looking for a replacement and a little overwhelmed by how many options there are! Does anyone have a favorite unit they would recommend? I primarily use it for my neck and shoulders, and ideally want a battery operated option so I don’t have to worry about if it’s charged when I need it. Easy to order replacement electrodes would be great too, since they lose stick over time. #ChronicPain #TENSunit #Painrelief #Recommendations #Fibromyaliga

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I have been approved for a medical marijuana trial 🙏🙏 huge win after my pain specialist wanted to take me off pain relief and just up anti depressants. The Endep is making me so groggy in the mornings and I am in agony when I wake, I hate taking it! So grateful I've been approved for this trial!! #Fibromyaliga #RheumatoidArthritis #Painrelief


Recovering sucks

Well a massive thing has happened in my life since I last updated: I had my #Surgery (three days ago).

The day after it was originally cancelled, I had a call that gave me a new date and it went ahead! I had to have a #COVID19 test and MRSA test 2 days beforehand which both came back negative which was good.

So I went in on Wednesday and had to stay overnight at the hospital with this cold gel thing on my mouth which has left me with sores.

I got some reactions to the anaesthesia which included #lightheadedness , #Confusion and #shaking which weren’t fun but I got through it and managed to get discharged the next day.

While I was at the hospital, I was on the maximum #Painrelief I could be apparently and they were constantly putting stuff in my cannula (which wasn’t fun because it hurt my hand and made going to the toilet etc difficult as they didn’t initially put it on something I could wheel around).

Speaking of cannulas, I had one in BOTH hands. They had to try twice with the one in my right hand (they got it in the second time) but when I woke up, I had one in my left hand too and they never used the one in the right hand aside from maybe in the surgery (and they refused to remove it until the day after the surgery. Got some lovely bruising now).

Anyways, I’m on a few different #medications now and getting all sorts of #SideEffects such as #heartpalpatations , getting too warm (not a temperature but higher than my normal 36.4~ as reached 37.2), again lightheadedness and shaking and also #nausea which sucks.

Will all be worth it in the long run though, just suffering at the moment and did break down yesterday at being frustrated about not being able to do much and struggling with energy for simple tasks such as eating or even sitting up. Got back up though about half an hour after feeling sorry for myself with the mindset of “I can either sit here feeling sorry for myself, or I can do stuff”.

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