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    A little positivity tonight..... #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #SkinCancer #Cancer #Anxiety #Depression #Selfcare

    For a little positivity quote tonight since I've been so down lately....
    Just a few of my little tattoos I have that are things I love and that remind me to be strong and positive ♥️🎗🙏
    Each one either is something that has meant something to me at that time and I try remind myself of them when struggling ♥️

    Be you 💛
    Faith (in spanish)
    This too shall pass ;
    A dying rose with Beautiful under it 🥀
    Melanoma sign but made in to a heart to add a little touch in between families birth month flowers.🎗🌼🌸
    See the good 🙏

    Not been in the best head space past few days especially so just trying to think positive & realise everything I've went through when I thought I couldn't take anymore at those times so just have to keep trying (always easier said than done )
    But I'll try 🤞👌

    #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Upallnight #SkinCancer #Depression #Selfcare #Anxiety #COVID19 #longcovid #Tattoos #MotivationalTattoos

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is MomLove63. I'm here because I had a positive breast biopsy in same breast following 7 years post lumpectomy from lobular carcinoma insitu with IORT. Consulting and scheduling bilateral mastectomy. Reading up and taking notes to prepare before MD visits so my questions and concerns can be answered, not just told what to expect.

    #MightyTogether #Cancer

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    Self Love

    I know when people talk about self-love, that for many, it can seem like such a foreign or mysterious concept. Fortunately, there are many simple and practical ways to begin practicing this. One of my favorites is watching mindfulness video of my favorite teacher, Mooji, online for free. If you don't like his approach, there are many other beautiful teachers that have plenty of incredibly useful instructions online also for free. Do any of you have any other ways you practice self-love?

    ~ Thanks to all. Thanks for all. ~

    Speaking of thanks for all, I was hoping we could acknowledge everyone who comments below. I know it seems like a small gesture, but many people here have never opened up to anyone before and being open and honest with strangers can be quite scary. So, if we could show our gratitude by giving their comment a simple reply or heart, I’m sure they would really appreciate your team support. What do you say?

    #MentalHealth #Depression #Suicide #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Addiction #dissociativedisorders #OCD #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #POTS #PTSD #Cancer #RareDisease #Disability #Autism #Diabetes #EatingDisorders #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RheumatoidArthritis #MentalHealth

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is MKLis. I'm here because I am a cancer survivor, and have multiple health issues, such as severe neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disease. My son has autism, and my daughter has major depressive disorder. #Migraine #Cancer


    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is WonderWoman_1973. I'm here because I want to be able to not only share my own experiences with others, but also learn about others' experiences by asking lots of questions and comparing experiences to learn more! Support from a community of people who have things in common with one's self can be one of the greatest "physicians."

    #multi-organ transplant (5)
    #pulmonary Embolism
    #Hypothyroidism (under active Thyroid)
    #Antiphospholipid Syndrome
    #autoimmune thrombosis
    #breast cancer survivor
    #lymphoma survivor#multi

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    What helps you boost your self-confidence when you're feeling down?

    Mighties, March has felt like such a long month for me 😩. My thoughts have been racing for the longest time. I think it's time for me to prioritize some self-care that'll boost my self-confidence.

    What usually helps me the most is getting my eyebrows done, getting dressed up, and taking myself out on a solo date. I'll make sure to add that to my to-do list right away 📆✍️.

    What about you? What do you do to help boost your self-confidence?

    #CheckInWithMe #Grief #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PTSD #EatingDisorders #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #ChronicPain #Spoonie #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #CrohnsDisease #Cancer #Migraine #Fibromyalgia #MultipleSclerosis

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    Feeling a million things yet I feel as though I'm numb ....... #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #longcovid #CheckInWithMe #Cancer

    I'm not even sure if that makes sense, I'm not really sure of anything right now!today I was told that my urgent referral to get the swollen lump lymph node in my neck may take upto 6 weeks !ive had it since Sept last uear and was palmed off numeroustimes till last week my specialistsaid she was very concerned(and that is being classed as urgent)Due to my previous cancer and treatment before Covid hit and now to the way this is being handled and considering I had Covid and was hospitalised for nearly 6 weeks and since have been suffering Long covid issues I know how serious it is.But I felt so angry that I'm already dealing with all my usual issues,then this catheter in,still retaining, slipped disc so on crutches to get about and everyday and night I am worried sick about if this lump is serious !and now thinking I may have to feel like this for however many weeks/months and then even if it is serious the care at the moment chemo/treatments most people are having to wait months to get anything started due to the way it's all been since covid.I am angry at my body for failing me in the first place ,for getting to this ,I'm angry at having to feel like I'm begging someone to help or listen ,I feel like I've prepared for the worst now anyways and what hope is there to have !I know hospitals and staff have and do do their best and I'm not saying anything against that I'm just frustrated that myself and millions of others and people way worse off than me are suffering even more even when it's serious or terminal. I'm scared ,I'm angry ,I'm frustrated and then I just feel numb because right now I'm here and I'm a Mummy I have to just be as ok as I can which is difficult enough at the minute ........

    #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Upallnight #SkinCancer #Cancer #Anxiety #longcovid #loveyourself #Bekind #Selfcare #Toxic #Abuse #youmatter #beyou #CheckInWithMe

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    What’s your experience with prescription discount services like GoodRx?

    If you have to take prescription medication to manage your health symptoms (there’s no shame in that!), sometimes those prescriptions can be very expensive depending on your health insurance plan and how many medications you have to take.

    To alleviate some of those costs and make it more manageable to get the medication you need, prescription discount services like GoodRx can be super helpful. (Mighty staffer Kat recommends using their mobile app!)

    What have your experiences been like with prescription cost-cutting services? Did they help you save money? Or were they too much work for what the benefits ended up being?

    #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Disability #Caregiving #RareDisease #Migraine #Stroke #CardiovascularDisease #AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Spoonie #Lupus #Endometriosis #Hospital #Cancer #Anxiety #PTSD #CheckInWithMe

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    Ideas of happiness

    It's perfectly normal to have goals and desires in life, but sometimes we value these things so highly that we place conditions on our own happiness. This could be something like, I will only be happy once I have a relationship, or the perfect job, or the perfect house. Do you find yourself doing this? What sorts of conditions do you place on happiness and do you find that to be a problem or a strength?

    ~ Thanks to all. Thanks for all. ~

    Speaking of thanks for all, I was hoping we could acknowledge everyone who comments below. I know it seems like a small gesture, but many people here have never opened up to anyone before and being open and honest with strangers can be quite scary. So, if we could show our gratitude by giving their comment a simple reply or heart, I’m sure they would really appreciate your team support. What do you say?

    #MentalHealth #Depression #Suicide #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Addiction #dissociativedisorders #OCD #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #POTS #PTSD #Cancer #RareDisease #Disability #Autism #Diabetes #EatingDisorders #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RheumatoidArthritis #MentalHealth

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    My Guardian Leo

    Part 1 of 2 How are we supposed to cope with the passing of a loved one? I don’t know how we do it. You can’t replace it. The loved one, the loss, or the love. I’m crying right now while I’m typing this blog. I planned on doing this on the 22nd (June) and here it is the 5th of July at almost three in the morning. And now it’s almost 9pm on July 11th. This is going to take longer than I thought. It already has.

    My cousin Telesha passed away from cancer on June 22nd ,2020. She was 36 years young with 8 kids. She fought it so valiantly for three years. I got shot five times in which two of the bullets exited and ended up with seven total bullet wounds in one incident, yet I realize that she is and has always been the strongest of us all. Out of the five of us first cousins who grew up together I am the oldest. I’ve experienced more of the unfortunate trauma by far with the exception of her last three years of life. With all that I have been through, I can’t imagine how difficult it had to have been for her. I go and have been through hell and back and back and back again. Yet I realize that she is and has always been the strongest of us all.

    That’s why God needed her to come back home. In her 36 years of life she outlived us all. She was a better parent than any of ours were. She cared about me more than my own mother did. She was the only one left who truly understood my pain and genuinely loved me. Her birthday is two weeks before mine and she too is a fellow Leo. We thought alike. It was always so comforting to talk to her. She was my breath of fresh air that I needed to keep from suffocating. Before she passed she just wanted to make sure I would be alright and I assured her I would be and she was so relieved. She cared for me that much. I just had to remind her that I’m me. A soldier and a Leo like she is who is honored to share the same blood as her. I told her that, knowing her, she’ll still be taking care of me. And we both agreed that she’ll be able to do it better now that she’ll have her wings back. She told me that she would have better resources also. See why I love her so much? Who thinks like that? Who would say something like that two weeks before she passed? Telesha. Don’t take this the wrong way. She by no means was saying this in the context of giving up or expecting to die. She said it so matter-of-factly like she was just telling you what time of day it was. She lived the whole time and she still lives on. Up until she passed, she was still the life of the party. She wasn’t in denial, she didn’t fake how she felt or avoid the circumstances. She wasn’t dead and wasn’t about to act like it. And she wouldn’t allow us to either. And we didn’t. That’s what is so special about her. She has always been real and authentic. Telesha.

    My cousin.

    Cousin off the old block.

    I remember the last time I saw her. She was 15 years old. I hadn’t seen her for some years. She had grown. At 15 she was taller than me. I was in my early twenties I think. Anyway, I was working in my stepdad’s financial services office. So I had some money on me. Which I usually do. If I got it, you got it. Period. But with my cousins, they are the type who never ask for it, inquire about it, and could care less. The reason why I mentioned the money is because I always try to make sure my people have some money in their pocket. She was never hurting for it but, with me being the oldest I like to know they have some cash. She was going to be flying back to California and I know how expensive airport prices can be. She wouldn’t let me give her much. She wouldn’t take more than twenty dollars. I was trying to explain to her how everything at the airport literally cost an arm and a leg. I mean that’s the actual price on the price tag. It says “arm” on the front. Turn the price tag over and it says “and a leg”. When she got back to California she called me and said “you weren’t lying, that shit at the airport is expensive”. She never forgot that. She reminded me that I tried to give her all the money in my wallet. That’s how the whole of us five were. We were just always happy to see each other. Money or no money. So unlike our parents.

    We taught ourselves love. I’m not gonna cry…

    Alright. I lied. I’m crying.

    Back to what I was saying. My point is. When I got money, you got money. Period. Who the fuck else is it for? So I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat. I took her down the street to my favorite little spot that always had breakfast. I used to go there everyday. The people that owned and worked there loved me and the feeling was mutual. We had a ball! It was like the world was ours that day. Just reminiscing about when we were kids. We were kids that day. Every time she tried to take a drink of orange juice I’d say something that made her laugh. I got a way about saying some