Someone said to me recently,
'You don't find Suicide Prevention, It Finds You.
Those words sent shivers through me, like I'd never expected.

It couldn't be a truer statement.

It was something, that as a young child, my family would never have thought they would need to equip themselves with; preventing my suicide. As an adult my husband needs to furnish himself with knowledge on how to prevent my suicide.

People don't know how to talk to you afterwards, they look at you differently, treat you differently. They want to acknowledge what you have done, without actually acknowledging it.
A fractured mind, a broken soul.

There's a stigma attached to suicide within society.
There's a stigma attached to hormones, mental health and menstrual health with society.
Thankfully its felt by the few and not the many.

Suicide Prevention is us sharing our stories, reaching others, creating those lightbulb moments & just listening & carrying the weight as a community when the burden of living becomes too heavy in this the cyclical life of PMDD, not just for us as #PMDDPEEPS , but for our partners, our loved ones, our children, our friends, family too, because they feel the weight of our condition as us also.

We Are Suicide Prevention.

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