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    Here we go again …..

    Good evening everyone….. sorry I haven’t been in here posting lately…. Health has been a shitshow lately and to be quite honest I’m just freaking tired… tired of all of it . Now I know ! That’s not very positive not very encouraging and not very uplifting. And for that I’m sorry!!! Headed into yet another adrenal crisis last nite …. All the while there husband is too tired from his golf nite to make sure I’m ok…. A couple questions “did you take your med s?” And after almost passing out and taking my bp “whats it reading?” Then back to snoring he goes …. So I guess tonites question is how do you all “deal with it” ? How long do you tell yourself “zig it s on”? Like I said I’m freaking g tired …. Sick and tired of being sick and tired! #husbandsUGH #AdrenalInsufficiency #tired #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #AdrenalInsufficiency #Hormones

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    Hormones and #Anxiety

    Starting to think maybe my hormones are impacting my anxiety. Or maybe even creating it?! Anyone experienced this?

    #Hormones #Anxiety

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    Are you afraid?

    <p>Are you afraid?</p>
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    Keep Going

    <p>Keep Going</p>
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    I’m so confused, don’t know who I am, what to do, what’s the truth.... I really need to know my true diagnosis. I fit bipolar 2, fit ADD, fit anxiety and depression.
    Been taking duluxotine 15ish years. Successful I guess. None of the mood stabilizers work at all. I get so much more deeply depressed while on lamotrigine, lamictal, vraylar. Serequel only makes me sleep. I don’t sleep correctly. Took adder all for about 5 years, prob not the best idea. Liked it too much. No longer taking any meds for add. Tried straterra to no avail.
    I’ve been diagnosed with all above - also BPD. Hypothyroidism about 25 years. Type 1 diabetic, well managed. Pretty well, sorta.
    In menapause.
    I was in my 50’s before the bipolar was diagnosed. But the standard meds don’t help.
    I don’t really want to go on. I don’t know what to study, how to figure out what meds I need. My psychiatrist just keeps saying “...too bad the mood stabilizers apparently don’t work for you...”
    I don’t know where to turn. Should I get with an ADD specialist?
    I see a therapist once a week. She is new, about 6 weeks. So good so far, I’m comfortable with her, but no references there either. My regular PCP had nothing either.
    I go crazy everyday and my poor hubby tries to help, but he hasn’t reached out either or told anyone how I am. You know, bat sxxx crazy...
    I wish he would, I think. I’m not looking for sympathy, just somebody tell me what to do!!!!! It seems maybe the reduction in hormones brought about the noticeable bipolar, enough to get diagnosed, and I think thyroid is related too.


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