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When it rains it freakin’ FLOODS!!! ⛈🌊🌪

I’m just needing to vent...it all started about 6 weeks ago. I found out i had to have #Surgery (ventral hernia repair). My anxiety got much worse as it was getting closer to surgery. The week before (4 weeks ago) my dad got diagnosed with #Salmonella and my poor mom was having to juggle taking care of both of us. He and i couldn’t be around each other because my surgery was so soon. So my surgery went well but the recovery was soooo much worse than i had expected. Oh my god the pain! Dad was starting to feel better even came up to see me on my birthday. Then he started getting sick again and BOTH toilets at their house broke...TWICE!!!!! And they are starting to act up again 🤦🏻‍♀️. On Wednesday my boyfriend’s 90 year old mom fell and couldn’t get up and couldn’t get to the phone, she ended up on the floor for 18 hours, that poor woman. After spending the next day at the ER, she went home and fell again that night and hit her head. Another trip to the ER led to 5 days in the hospital with a really serious #UTI ...did you know that a uti can cause #Dementia in older women?! Anyway, i spent 2 days at the hospital helping with her which then set my recovery back 3 days. Then today i went to help with my dad and we finally got a diagnosis for what’s going on with him... #Cdiff , something i was fearing for him. And then... my mom’s toilet is, for lack of a better word, rocking. My dad is having a hard time with #Depression and I’m having tons of #Anxiety My poor mom is so done. We are all out of emotional #spoons Please, dear God...no more. We really can’t take anymore. My #dog and #Puzzle are the only things keeping me sane. Still grateful just seriously...enough.

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Some distraction

I like to puzzle and I like cats. So I found the perfect combo! Only need to Put-in the cats now.

See what I did there? 🙈🙈

#Depression #Anxiety #Autism #DistractMe #distraction #Cats #Puzzle