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I’m new here!

Ive been dealing with depression and anxiety and want a community to turn to. I am also undiagnosed, but have been wondering if ADHD could be the cause of some of my issues in social and school situations. I hope to find a community to help me work through issues so I can be a better person.

#MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #RuminationDisorder


My bro mentioned going off medication to lady over the phone

My brother has shown improvement ever since he got back on meds. He still struggles and still gets into periods where his brain takes him to a dark place and he'll mention thoughts of suicide. But I've personally noticed and his psychiatrist has even told him that he has noticed he's doing better than he was. I'm having a lot more anxiety with the fact that he told the lady over the phone that he wants to get off of medication. I understand he wants off of it because its making him gain weight and he even told the lady that maybe he'll get off of it when the gyms open back up. I'm against the idea of him going off of medications because he did that last year and I did my best to support him. At first when he was off of meds he was having a great time and seemed ok but then all of a sudden his feelings stopped and it turned into extreme sadness and anger and he was having thoughts and feelings of hurting me and our parents. He was wanting to through mugs and punch glass and get a knife and all of that. I'm trying not to worry about him going off of his meds whenever gyms open up but I can't help but worry for the sake of our parents and myself and for my brothers own sake. #MoodDisorders #OCD #RuminationDisorder #RacingThoughts #Depression


Keep trying no matter how difficult things may seem

These past few days/weeks have been extremely difficult for my family. My brother's mental health seemed to be getting worse and as painful as it is to see him suffering, I remind myself to just listen to him when he needs someone and to be supportive of his choice to not take medication but also encourage him to keep going. He invited me to join this family to family video group support thing through kaiser which is suppose to help families learn how to support their loved ones who are struggling. I tried it for the first time last night and I personally found it helpful and it made me feel a bit better. Also the host of it allowed me to communicate things to hear about my worries and she said she could share my worries with his therapist who we had a video chat with the other day for the first time but was very short. It made me feel extremely better knowing that I can know share my concerns instead of feeling like I had no way of communicating to the therapist. I'm trying to find him a therapist through my work that can see him more often than once a month like his current one. And one that works around his school and work schedule. I hope I can find one for him soon because I can tell his depression is creeping back in making him extremely sad. My bro also mentioned to me today that he is thinking about getting back on medication which makes me feel a bit better because that is something I have been wanting but wanted to support his choice of stopping it. I will try my best to keep encouraging and supporting him and continuing to have empathy for him because I don't fully understand what it's like to have mental illness. It's a long and tough road but its worth it to keep trying. #Depression #OCD #Anxiety #RuminationDisorder


I feel so sad and hopeless and guilty

My brother who i think has #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is struggling again today. He always takes his anger out on our parents. Moms at work dad left on car ride to de-stress. my mom doesn't get home until around 5:30pm and im locked in my room because i feel so tired and burned out and guilty because i know if i'm at least in the living room it may make my bro feel better because he always says he needs human interaction but every day he's been breaking down and saying he's suicidal and sometimes he works himself up and gets angry. it's been about 4-5 weeks off his meds that he stopped all at once instead of slowly taking himself off. he only gets 1 phone call with therapist 1 time a month and when i tried to encourage him in the past to try to get more he argues saying it doesn't do much. I'm scared he's going to give our parents a heart attack some day. right now i'm debating if i should stay in my room and give myself a break and worry he might knock on my door all sad. i don't mean to ignore him but sometimes very overwhelming especially since he won't get more therapy. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #RuminationDisorder


Anyone know how long it takes for mood stabilizers too fully leave system if someone stopped taking them all at once instead of slowly stopping them?

Pretty sure my bro has #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and he stopped taking zoloft and wellbutrin which i saw him doing good on but he says no meds is the best he has ever felt. He stopped meds all at 1 time which he knows he isn't suppose to do and his doctor said he is going through side affects. First 2-3 weeks he stopped meds he was doing great and now he's super agitated and sad and angry and throws fits and is suicidal. I need to estimate when meds leave his system so i know if it's the side affects still or actually his disorder. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #RuminationDisorder

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Do you ever hear the opposite of what someone is saying?

When my Mom tells me to get outside and go for a walk, all I hear is that she thinks I’m fat, lazy, and unhealthy. When my friends say I am strong, all I can hear is that you see that I believe I am weak. I turn every single comment inside out until it becomes just as hurtful as all the other things I say to myself. #Depression #RuminationDisorder #HighlysensitivePerson


I need some love today

My mind is being awfully mean to me today. I could use some love, because I can’t find it anywhere else. I’m no one’s priority. Least of all, my own. I loathe myself when I look in the mirror. I exhaust myself thinking of the ways I need to be better, to improve just to be enough.

Please, I need some love. #Depression #HighlysensitivePerson #RuminationDisorder #CheckInWithMe

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Stop worrying about the things that don’t truly matter

I suffer from anxiety and depression, ruminating is apart of my daily life and it’s exhausting. Today I read an article about ways to reduce ruminating and it had this quote. What I took away from this quote was to stop letting things that don’t really matter like over analyzing everything you said to somebody today, worrying about work and how everyone perceives you. Give thought to the things that matter and find a passion or fill your mind with positive thoughts instead. I’m going to really try and practice this and I thought it was worth sharing with the community here ❤️ #Anxiety #Depression #RuminationDisorder #Selfcare