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It’s hard when…

There are legitimate highly stressful things going on in my life because my brain will attach onto those and not let go, like a dog playing tug of war. It’s hard to take a step back and find any positives or even see that my brain has taken an issue and run away with it so that it seems worse than it is. But it’s not like I can ignore the issue, either. Just some gentle support would be welcome. #Anxiety #RacingThoughts #BipolarDisorder #CheckInWithMe

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I’m having a very hard time accepting that people are not good or bad. It gives me overwhelming anxiety and I do not feel safe. I feel like if I can’t determine if someone is good or bad I will not be safe. I feel very overwhelmed with stimulus and being around people makes me feel so overwhelmed by not being able to identify if they are good or bad. #RacingThoughts

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Crazy brain thoughts

Let me start off by saying happy 4th of July!
Now can someone help me with this dose any one besides me obsessing over the world coming to an end? As far back as I can remember I have Bern deathly afraid of the world coming to an end and today it's bad really bad I'm not sure if that is part of #BPD or not? Can anyone relate? Thanks remember stay safe #BPD #personality #obsessing #RacingThoughts

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Struggling #RacingThoughts #Selfharm

Having an extremely hard time tonight with Compulsive thoughts of self harm. I don’t want to do it but the thoughts won’t stop

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Does not mix

#BipolarDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarAffectiveDisorder #RacingThoughts

This is a picture I colored in on an app. Not mine by any case.

She was a wild woman


Her eyes blazed

with a burning fire

Yet on the inside

she was a burning mess

an unstoppable fire

blazed within her

full of thoughts

that would not stop.

Cycling around

over and over again

they will never end.

The medicine

keeps them at bay

if only

for a little while

The bipolar beast

is sated

in the never-ending war

Today was a day of pain and never-ending racing thoughts. Seriously, they were all over the place and all concerning my health. Fears of being pregnant, fears of my teeth being loose, etc. None of these thoughts were based in reality.

That's how I knew they were racing thoughts associated with Bipolar. Thankfully I had some risperidone on hand. That quieted the thoughts down quickly.

I'm tired of it. The thoughts, the increased anxiety. I'm on birth control and it is driving me up the walls. I know I'm not my illness but it feels like it is taking a bigger part in my life right now.

It's the nexplanon. Gotta be.

I'm going off of it soon enough. Thank the fucking lord. Was NOT a fan of the mood swings and constant spotting. (TMI: sorries).

I just hormonal birth control and Bipolar Disorder do NOT mix.

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What is your common negative impact when going through #RacingThoughts ?

At first I honestly thought my constant “squirrel” moments were from my ADHD side. Come to find out, racing thoughts are (for me) stem from my #BipolarDisorder . I never really viewed this as a bad thing.. until I finally realized why I was causing a lot of “hurt” in relationships; work, family, friends, romantic. My huge negative impact of my racing thoughts is interrupting people. When my mind goes 100mph, anything that is said within a conversation that triggers a thought that “needs to be said”.. I interrupt! Why? Because I know I’ll forget that thought easily!

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How does your #RacingThoughts effect your work life?

Typically racing thoughts focus on a topic. Tomorrow’s job interview, Monthly Manager Report, Team Meeting… often these are stress-related events. Once that topic is dead set in your mind, the anxiety sets in and the race begins. This happens or can happen when someone enters a manic/hypomanic episode. Personally, when I enter this “episode” I feel weak. Like I cannot focus on the subject at hand. I then begin to think: “well this won’t look great on my employee review”. I have no filter when speaking and a habit of spewing out my “racing” thoughts. This is a good and bad thing. Good for ideas to bring to the table. Then it’s bad when I don’t think before speaking.

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Just want to vent

After waiting months to get another therapist that's free once a week, my bro finally found one and she ended up triggering him a lot and sounded very inexperienced. I just wanted to vent on here because it seems as though his symptoms are getting slightly worse. I try not to bring up therapy too much cause i know sometimes he gets mad when I do. But im very angry that there's long wait times for people who need help. It's not fair and is very harmful to people who really need help. The state i live in passed something that was suppose to help reduce wait times but i have yet to see any changes. I feel so bad for him because i know he's struggling and there's nothing I can do but be there for him but im also not able to be in the mood to be supportive 24/7. Sometimes i want to just be in my room and try to give myself a break from the constant mood changes that happen to be negative and angry most of the time and severely sad along with the over thinking that makes the person believe that that's reality when it's really not. It's hard to watch someone mentally deteriorate and know that they want therapy but can't get 1 right away. It's hard to hear the things he says knowing it's his illness but it doesn't take away how much the words hurt. #venting #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #obsessivethoughts #RacingThoughts #Caregiving


Racing thoughts in sleep?

Hey, any of my fellow bipolar mighties ever experience racing thoughts or flight of ideas in your sleep and/or in your dreams? Lately some of my dreams are like that, and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it is unrelated to the bipolar 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️. #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #RacingThoughts #Mania