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    I should know better#

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder , at my age, you would have thought that I would be able to accept rejection# that it is ok for men, my ex not to want me or communicate with me anymore.. He made it clear enough months ago, he said he could not love me# that way anymore, that he wanted out#I begged him to stay. Offered him money#Said I would lose weight#I have lost 4stone and still losing, I offered him so many things, but I couldn't give him what he wanted a partner who didn't text 30 times a day, moaned when a text didn't have the right number of kisses, a partner who continuously checked on him.. The list goes on. So now he's gone#I still all him once a week, text him once a week. Today I offered him phone sex.. Where did any modicum of self respect go? I am hating# myself right now. Can I let him go. He loved me, he told me he would love me forever #
    Down but not gone#


    #sunshine #

    #This will probably be short,Maybe we new each other in another life #your like a magnet 🧲 I can’t break this . #I don’t know any more , I am not interested in any other person #Said befor you woke something in me that I thought would never fell aging. #Now I don’t know anything I am again in a dark place #I wish you would talk to me.You are very good person why can’t we do this #be my sunshine #I hope your ok I can’t see your videos at least that was something and you made me happy for a bit #you are my sunshine #