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Going Out Alone

Since CoVid I have become a real homebody. I will go out, but not alone. I would love to be able to run to Home Depot to pick up some flowers but I just can’t make myself go. I am hoping someone has some ideas I could try. My therapist says I’m not agoraphobic so what can I do? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. #be kind.

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Getting There

#ManagingExpectations #MeaningfulLife

Sometimes you just need to reset you.

Yes you… Your the one we are talking to…

You already know you are being to hard on you…. Don’t do IT to you.

You deserve so much you don’t even know how blessed you actually are.

You are someone of significance and you are an inspiration to others.

Just cause you yes you can’t always see you that is no excuse to not be the person you are ment to be.

Let’s talk about you. Ok for a second let’s just close our eyes and we will tell you what we see.

You are strong 💪 You are Loved 🥰 You are courageous!! You make the whole room light 💡 Up

Now open your eyes and look in the mirror 🪞

Yes your a Child of GOD made with purpose and you are significant cause you yes you matter and that’s why you yes you are reading 📖 this right now.

Smile and just be the best you and love you to

#smile #Hope #Love #Joy #Happiness #be




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Play time for puppy 🐶

rambling and rants...
The world doesn't owe you anything... you get what you give...
You're vibe is what draws people towards you... I think we are all judgmental, some of us keep it to ourselves other's speak out loud.. in everyone's own way we are good at art.. drawing- painting- talking- writing or just being.. love is art.. playing with your friends or animals, family what have you.. being alone trying to fake it till you make it... forgive yourself whatever you think isn't working.. you are loved. You are worth it. You are important. You can always get something small accomplished... art comes from within # #be


#sunshine #

#This will probably be short,Maybe we new each other in another life #your like a magnet 🧲 I can’t break this . #I don’t know any more , I am not interested in any other person #Said befor you woke something in me that I thought would never fell aging. #Now I don’t know anything I am again in a dark place #I wish you would talk to me.You are very good person why can’t we do this #be my sunshine #I hope your ok I can’t see your videos at least that was something and you made me happy for a bit #you are my sunshine #


#be Grateful

2021 Be Grateful. Everyone has something or someone to be Grateful for. Look around you with your eyes wide open. Like most of you I tend to focus on all the hurts and misunderstandings that are part and parcel with BiPolar. Why am I labeled. Why was my family not supportive enough. It’s very hard to look in the mirror and say “WOW “. I can be very difficult and expect a lot more from others than what I give in return! 2021 I’m going to focus on gratitude! Grateful to have been born. Grateful to be an American. Grateful for the family and friends who have been there. Grateful for my Doctors and Therapists. Grateful for the medication that I really need. This is my year to stop the BLAME GAME. I’m alive. I’m Grateful! Bring it 2021 I’m ready!