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    Quiet and relaxing weekend

    #daily reflections and journal#Distract me#chronic pain#chronic illnesses,#Fibromyalgia #positivw #This too shall pass#smile n others smile back
    Lots of things got done but none on a schedule!
    Enough of schedules during the week.
    Watched the hummingbirds hit my feeder today.
    Grateful for the quiet weekend!

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    A free hand rendering #funwithcolored pencils

    Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots #autobotsrollout #robotsindisguse # My Art My Therapy #This is Me



    How do I do this? I just started a new job, but the new routine has thrown my Fibromyalgia into a feeding frenzy. I am in so much pain I just want to curl up into a ball and not get out of bed. But I don’t want to be a disappointment. How do I do this??? #Fibro #agh #how #todo #This



    Today I had to cancel a dentist appointment I had made 6 months ago! I made the appointment for early afternoon as I knew mornings were extra hard on my body. I still felt like s- - t cancelling 1 1/2 hrs prior to my time due to pain and complete exhaustion! I knew I couldn’t struggle through getting dressed and driving over -let alone making small talk, etc. Has anyone ever found themselves in this situation? I had a recent blood test and am scheduled with an e-visit with my doctor tomorrow evening to which I hope I can get some answers for my constant fatigue! Nothing will take away the embarassment of today, however!
    #Fibromyalgia , #Constantly tired. # Susieq. #This is my life?

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    #Nourishment bistro

    #This is my dinner tonight.prepared meals by deli and seafood DEPARTMENT. The chicken dinner is yummy

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    #This post is to the mighty team

    #its to them do to their disrespect to the loss of my baby sisters life!


    #GERD #

    All night bad chest pain , not having heat attack. #This is just one of my many things that is wrong with me . #the Dr calls It GERD, It’s great it burns, I have a killer cough with it and feels like a elephant 🐘 sitting on my chest. #the one thing that helps the burn,and cough is milk. #I never had this before ,it started last year it burns so bad the milk helps until the medicine the Dr gave me for it starts to work #. I can be asleep and I wake up with a really bad cough and then comes the burn 🔥 #I am so tired this has been going on since about 12:52 am tonight . #I drink a lot of milk,then it
    Eases up enough so that I can take the meds , #My sinus issues don’t help this either . # It’s just awful there’s wheezing with it I have to sleep with my head and chest elevated, two pillows . #and when it gets this bad I have to stay with my head even more elevated. #which causes my neck and head to start hurting because with my neck and head it needs to be flat so that the disc in my neck Don’t start to cause me more issues #I have to have injections in my neck I’ve had surgery oh my lower back .There is always something new and wonderful to find and go through it sucks it just all Sucks. I think I I am going to try and get some sleep wish me luck #


    #Cant sleep #

    #its been one hell of a far I have spelt water every whare . I have sinus problems so I have to sleep or try to with my head elevated #There is the water issue some how I knock it over #Have Gerd, not all the time, but I do tonight . #Cant sleep, neck is bothering me also . # It’s a bad night.I do believe I started my day with fiberflare #This night sucks.So far this year sucks. # #keep waiting for my ship to show up # Kesha song 🚀 Space Ship #


    #sunshine #

    #This will probably be short,Maybe we new each other in another life #your like a magnet 🧲 I can’t break this . #I don’t know any more , I am not interested in any other person #Said befor you woke something in me that I thought would never fell aging. #Now I don’t know anything I am again in a dark place #I wish you would talk to me.You are very good person why can’t we do this #be my sunshine #I hope your ok I can’t see your videos at least that was something and you made me happy for a bit #you are my sunshine #