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#My Disorder

So… what is helped by naming an illness when we are all effected differently? There are really only 2: #your Disorder and #My Disorder.

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This woman has been my rock from day 1

This woman has been my everything since feb 16th 2018 a simple online conversation about drag racing turned into a 9 month LTR texting calling 4 hour one way visits from South NJ to LI NY etc this was the norm until I Moved away from home to be with the woman who would later become my wife Now we live very happily in South West Florida I still have my days where I hate my life everything sucks and I just wanna stop the noise but then I remind myself that I have this woman and she would be a wreck if I ever did anything stupid she is literally my anchor to reality my reason for being I love and adore this woman and my only wish in this world is for every person suffering from BPD to have what I have to feel loved wanted and accepted for who you really are this woman has cried for me and fought for me and she fights hard at everything she feels is worth it #your worth it #you deserve peace and understanding #I Love you all


#sunshine #

#This will probably be short,Maybe we new each other in another life #your like a magnet 🧲 I can’t break this . #I don’t know any more , I am not interested in any other person #Said befor you woke something in me that I thought would never fell aging. #Now I don’t know anything I am again in a dark place #I wish you would talk to me.You are very good person why can’t we do this #be my sunshine #I hope your ok I can’t see your videos at least that was something and you made me happy for a bit #you are my sunshine #


Update on Doctors visit yesterday,

So first of all I want to thank you all for all the hearts and the comments the encouragement in the prayers because of these horrific migraines along with tachycardia and many other symptoms. So the doctor ordered many tests, blood work, x-ray of the chest, a holhter monitor .echo cardiogram. As well as MRI of the brain and ultrasound of the abdomen and my gallbladder, I also had a infection.My doctor said that he would be running many tests over the next 3 weeks and that I would see him then. I want to thank my Mighty Family for being there in my hour of need. Not sure where to go from here .I'm still very concerned about the migraines but I just learned from a comment that I could go to the ER and get help with that .Thank God. Any information or comments would be helpful about these tests and what's ahead for being undiagnosed. Cuddles and I love you. ......#Love my Mighty Family #hearts ❤️ #your Experiences #suggestionsplease #encouragment #prayers 💗🙏🌞🐈


Does “good” #Stress cause #your depression to #ACT up?

Last week, several good #changes occurred in my life — got a #Newjob , had some home improvements done — but my #Depression was ALL over the place. Maybe a #reaction to #chanage ?

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#Taking charge of your life and health.

#your mission in life🌈 Journey it’s to heal your self😇


#WarmWishes #McLean

Happy holidays.know its hard while in hospital. Trust me I know, I spent many as a child,it hurt like hell & a few as an adult. Now during holidays I think of you & others who are "stuck" (that's how I saw it as child) However remember its one day. Gosh I know its hard but overall its for your wellbeing, it will pay off. Give yourself a tap on the back for your #resilience . Strength is something you have that many others don't. You are not alone, though it may feel that way yet please trust me, you are being thought of 24-7.I truly mean that & wish you could feel it.I wish I could meet you yet I go to another hospital closer to where I live. Remember this to shall pass & what your doing will pay off. You have many more holidays ahead of you.give yourself credit for your strength. Try to enjoy what you can out of the day. #your not alone. Best Wishes, Heather Sayer