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A New beginning

Today my husband and I are embarking on a new Era of our lives. We are on our way to Florida from Ontario Canada to join the snowbirds. This is partly because of me and I do much better in the warmer climate and especially sunshine!! The 2 dogs and 5 cats are in tow!!🌞🌞🌞#Fibromyalgia #Diabetes #sunshine

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Just a flower #flower #sunshine

Just a picture I took back at home… it is just a flower but a beautiful flower 🌸


Unexplained Pain and Vitamin D

Yo! My Lupie people with chronic pain. A thought. Spoonies!

I have been dealing with a lot of unexplained excess pain lately. Yes, I have Lupus. Yes, I have fibromyalgia. All the constant pain still didn't make sense for a myriad of reasons. Mainly, because I have a pretty good idea of what my triggers are.

Finally, my doctor decided to check my Vitamin D levels even though I live in Southern California, already take a Vitamin D supplement, and walk most mornings for a couple of hours (with sunscreen and a hat). Nonetheless, my Vitamin D levels were super low.

He gave me a prescription level Vitamin D. In less than two weeks, I am feeling much better.

I don't care where you live or how active you are. If you are having lots of constant unexplained pain, consider having your Vitamin D levels checked, especially if you have Lupus.

No, I do not have stock in the company he wrote the script for. I am simply amazed at how this helped. It may be the answer for some.of you, too. Not all, obviously. We are a complex group.

I wish relief to you all.


Humor In Chaos

#Lupus #Fibromyalgia #vitamind #BloodTests #sunshine

Humor in Chaos | Sarah Hauer

Sarah Hauer is an author, novelist, lupus warrior, and blogger, and searcher for the Humor in Chaos.
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The Sun is Shining

It may be gloomy where you are right now, it may even be pouring with rain and blowing a gale, but somewhere up there the sun is shining.

Pilots will normally take detours around storms, but for the really big ones they will have to fly above them. There is a moment of breakthrough when you fly above a storm cloud when the darkness, rain, lightning and buffeting stops, you come out the other side and you realise it is all blue sky and sunshine. It is as if the darkness was a mirage, hiding the beauty of the blue sky and sun that was always there.

Today the sun is shining. You are loved. That love is real, but it's just hard to sense it or be aware of it through the distractions of the storms going on right now.
There are many people who care about you and I personally believe there is a God who loves you and never gives up on you. Most of your friends can't get past the distractions, the storm clouds that surround you, but their love is real.
Close your eyes and know that the sun is shining today. Know that you are loved. You are cared for. The clouds block out the light and leave you believing the sun hardly exists, but it's there. Know that you are loved today.
I pray that you will see a few rays of light breaking through the clouds to remind you.
There is hope. There is always hope!
#sunshine #dontgiveup #Love #Hope

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Sunshine 🌞

It's finally starting to warm up outside! Seeds are sprouting flowers are budding and blooming and leaves are on trees! The sun is shining! It's all so beautiful! Hope you all get to enjoy some sunshine and smiles this week!

What are some of your favorite things to do in the sunshine?

The artist loves to watch things grow as she draws or crotchets.

Go to Ticed Off Adventures websites for more comics and characters. Link below

##ticedoffadventures #TouretteSyndrome #TicDisorders #tics #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #sunshine #Comic #Sensoryfriendly

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My Morning Walk

I’m nearing the end of my self isolation for Covid, stiff and sluggish from necessary rest, and needed a healthy boost to start getting my energy back. Nothing beats a walk on a beautiful, sunny day! Best wishes and prayers to everyone 🙏🏼❤️
#MorningRoutine #MorningWalk #Exercise #carpediem #sunshine #BlueSkies #Beautifulday #Nature #peace

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Bees 🐝 #Gardening #Happiness #depressionbuster #sunshine

I just love bees! I have never been stung working in the garden ever!
I just love watching them go from flower to flower, buzzing away and oblivious to me, the giant human just inches away.
This is such a great feeling, connecting with nature. It absolutely fills my ❤️

Anyone else love the bees?
Anyone have a pollinator garden?
If you do, what plants have you got in yours? Share a photo if you can in comments. ( I’m still pretty new so not sure if that works)