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I have sent to my local MP Mike Freelander, to try and get the support and help for all lupus/ SLE & invisible disease warriors that we need?

Email is below.

Dear Mike,

My name is Tania Schembri, my son was seen by you just before you started the MP journey.

I am writing to you in hope that you may be able to get a change put through to the government and make much needed changes for those living with SLE Lupus and other invisible chronic diseases.

I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus when I was 17, it affects my lungs, bones, joints, blood, cognitive function, kidneys were affected during both miracle pregnancies, which at 34 I have just undergone a hysterectomy due to severe menorrhagia, endometriosis & PCOS, as well as chronic fatigue, clinical burnout due to a chronic illness which also has caused medical anxiety and depression.

These are just some of the symptoms I have, with it also affecting my nerves but still undergoing tests for peripheral Neuropathy.

Like the Majority of Lupus, SLE Warriors and so many other invisible diseases. This is not covered under life insurance or income protection as it is classed as a terminal illness, yet Centerlink and NDIS don’t cover it as it goes in and out of remission.

With stress playing a big part on our already compromised immune systems. Our drs and specialist visits, not forgetting our medication or tests and procedures we may need at any given time, it plays a big toll on our financial situation, family life, work life, social life and mental health.

Please the many Warriors living in Australia let alone Macarthur region need your help to get it recognised for help and better support systems in place.

I am happy to discuss this further with you, if you could be so kind as to put some of your precious time aside.

Thank you in advance for reading this email.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could respond to this email also.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Tania Schembri