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    Pelvic floor physiotherapy changed my sex life

    I can sometimes have penetrative sex without pain now! I couldn’t ever before. It’s thanks to pelvic floor physiotherapy. The internal massage makes it possible. After sessions with the physio, I’ve bought a pelvic floor wand and can do release work myself. 60% improvement since when I was untreated. Find one you trust and who takes it very slowly.

    #sexlife #Vulvodynia #painduringsex #vaginismus #pelvicfloor #tightpelvicfloor #pelvicfloorphysio #pelvicfloorphysiotherapy #pelvicfloorwand


    Am I under/over reacting? #BPD #relationship #sexlife

    Okay so my boyfriend and I have had a great sex life before we moved in together, but since we did its been declining.. Fast.
    Anyway he has had a few hormonal changes that have made him less interested in sex.. Months later it seems to be getting worse. There's no sexual feeling between us, there's love and affection but it's just non sexual.

    Ive been understanding and patience is unlimited. But its difficult. Because I can't help but feel he's pulling away. And just wants a companion.. I feel stuck. In a friendship with the man I love.


    How to get your libido back while taking antidepressants

    My medications has been changed due to my depression. One thing I have noticed is my libido is gone.
    It’s hard to climax. #Antidepressants #Depression #libido ##sexlife