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A Hypomanic episode (a respectful approach to the subject)

This topic is silently on the increase. Survivals are embarrassed to have a conversation about it, and that'd where it all breaks down. ##Bipolar #Hypomania #Sex

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Borderline Personality Disorder and high sex drive

For me it has always been normal to have a high sex drive. My ex partner could never keep up, so I just had these toys to give myself that pleasure.

I don't need that connection with a person in order to have sex. If someone is physically attractive to me or if I've had some alcohol it is already enough for me.

I'm currently staying in a homeless shelter where I currently share a room with 2 other women. I've been here for a little longer than 3 months. Which means I haven't been able to do anything all this time. But even in the current situation my sex drive is still as high as ever. Which means I have been frustrated for over 3 months now.

I read online that having a high sex drive is connected with BPD. But I don't believe everything I read online. So, I was wondering if other people experience this as well? Like, do you also have a high sex drive? And is there some other way to deal with this?

I know that for most people this isn't an easy topic to talk about, but I'm open about everything so I can discuss this topic very easily without shame.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Sex #Thoughts #Relationships

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Ssri side affects

The pristique is really helping with my depression, but it has completely removed my sex drive. I’ve lived with bipolar hyper sexuality my whole life, never been on an ssri. My partner isn’t happy. But I can’t say I’m not enjoying it. I can focus on so much more now, I don’t feel this intense urge to get off multiple times a day anymore. But I don’t want to always feel like this. I want to still enjoy and have sex. #BipolarDepression #Sex #SexAndRelationships #Antidepressants

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The hidden side of Kallmann syndrome / hypogonadotropic hypogonadism - missing out on puberty and adolesence.

Kallmann syndrome (KS) is a form of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH). It affects puberty and fertility.

People with KS / HH do not undergo normal puberty and will normally be infertile.

Hormone replacement therapy can help with some of the physical symptoms and there is even specialist treatments available to help induce spells of fertility.

It is the pyschological aspects of the condition that concern me more at the moment. I talk to and meet many fellow patients and it is the perhaps the pyschological aspects that cause the most problems to fellow patients regardless of their age of diagnosis or treatment.

As with most rare disorders it is difficult to discribe to others what it is like to have the condition. Puberty and adolescence are such cornerstones in the development of the individual to miss out on them must leave lasting effects I think.

Having late puberty, being a "late bloomer" can be bad enough. However to be left behind totally is even worse. To be told to wait and see when you are a teenager as your friends develop physically and emotionally around you is not easy.

In my own situation I had a normal enough childhood, nothing seemed amiss, apart from my poor hearing and lack of sense of smell. At the time nobody linked this to my lack of puberty. If they had, I may have been diagnosed earlier than 23 years of age.

Socially i think I was a normal enough child but as a teenager I became more and more socially isolated. Through my own fault, I see now. I was invited to events with my teenage friends but as I grew older I felt more and more distanced from them. I began to turn down invitations because I felt so out of place. Eventually the invitations stopped totally.

Since I did not go through puberty, I felt physcially out of place as well as socially out of place. The doctors just said "wait and see", so I did. This was just before the internet age. I knew I was missing out on relationships and indeed even sexual relationships while a teenager or later at University. I just assumed it would all catch up eventually.

I concentrated on other things, I was not un happy as a young adult but perhaps I modified my personality and behaviour to make up for feeeling out of step of my age group. I did not learn the social skills or notice the signs of potential relationships. I developed my own traits to appear normal enough to function, trying to forget other things in life.

I was not diagnosed until I was 23 and it was not until I was about 25 that my hormone levels (testosterone) reached that of a normal male. What happened next is another story that i would be happy to share another time.

#kallmann #puberty #hypogonadism #BodyImage #Infertility #Sex

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A vent on why saying s3x (e) is natural excludes others | TW/CW mentions of s3x, exclusionism, aphobia #venting

It’s already frustrating how this society expects everyone to be s3x-hungry when it’s not even the reality. Way to make me feel at home (/sarc). I’m sex-positive, but I’m also realistic, and to be honest, I shouldn’t have to say it.

Not everyone wants to have s3x. Not everyone wants to have it as frequently as it is portrayed in the media. Or at all.

Saying that s3x is natural or is a natural feeling excludes asexuals and those on the ace-spectrum because of not feeling “standard” attraction (I’m ace-spec). It also invalidates those who are repulsed/aversed and those who are traumatized by sex (assault/molestation) and/or its media (not to be confused with sex-negative, a political counterpart to sex-positive). Not to mention, it feeds on the idea of alienating these individuals as “broken”, “unnatural”, and “disordered” (which the US literally labels it as a disorder 😡).

It may be natural to others, but not to everyone, and that is okay and 1000% valid!

Make it a place where those who are into s3x, those who aren’t into it, and those who are traumatized by it coexist with each other. Please! We need to be heard, too!! /srs

#Sex #LGBTQIA #asexual #Ace #Aphobia #SexualTrauma #Trauma #NotEveryoneWantsSex

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To my womanly parts

she has deceived me

I've been given taste of what it means to be a women

and only this

I don't know if I will ever run with the bees again

Grow with a new beating heart

or enjoy the pleasures of a man

Oh she is vicious

knocking me out every month without any warning

throwing all my hard work off the shelf

Burning this skin over where she sleeps

Sometimes I wish I could reverse this process I was born onto.

then maybe then

this would just all disappear.

#Endometriosis #vagamisnus #Sex #woman #Depression

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