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Those with PTSD from sexual assault: does it cause you to have a HIGH or a LOW libido?

My partner is a sexual assault survivor like me. He has a crazy high libido while I’m dead from the waist down. I didn’t used to be that way. I used to have a crazy high libido, too. However, I had some realizations in the middle of our relationship about sexual assault that happened to me as a child that I’d repressed. My libido tanked and I can’t seem to get it back. Any recommendations?

#libido #SexualAssaultSurvivor #Relationships #intimacy


Is it normal to increase the libido due medication?

I have noticed my libido coming back since I started taking medication for #Depression and #Anxiety. And to be honest it's been a little overwhelming because now I don't have a partner or interest on getting to meet new people. I mostly get by with toys and we'll, myself. But the past few months the "need" on ovulation days can be really something. I go by with it for hours and I can't seem to get done. I've reached the point to be scared of hurting myself over excessive masturbation. So I thought maybe has something to do with medications? Or maybe just forgot how strong used to be my libido and how to deal with it in a healthy way... IDK I feel kind of guilty
Just wanted to write it down thanks for reading #Depression #Anxiety #meds #libido

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I have a question... Do any of you struggle with decreased libido? Mine is basically non existent, most times I don't even want to be touched. Can anyone relate? Is it fixable? #AskMe #questions #struggling #libido #Relationships #Fixme


Low libido, relationships and depression #libido #Relationships #ChronicIllness #Endometriosis

I have a boyfriend we have been together for 18 months now. I suffer with depression, anxiety and panic attacks as well as endometriosis. All of these together (mainly the chronic stomach pain/ pain during sex) add up to me having literally 0 libido. My boyfriend deals so well with it but I’m struggling myself so much because I know deep down it really effects him. I want to be able to have that intimacy as I know how important it is in a relationship. I literally don’t know what to do. I wish I could grin and bare the pain but even if I do I just can’t enjoy myself. It feels either painful or just empty. I don’t know what to do I can’t get it off my mind and feel like at some point it’s going to break my relationship but there is nothing I can do.. 🥺


Hypersexual & Miserable #Hypersexuality #compulsions

I was sexualized at age 7. Exposed to pornography and molested and pushed into incest.

I don't know how common nor rare my story is. Men in American society aren't considered sexual abuse victims. Males are hypersexual by nature, so what does it matter if I was sexually abused by a sibling?

I don't remember a lot of things in my life from before age 12. Yet I can describe in painfully agonizing detail the first time I ever witnessed my sibling masturbate while watching a pornographic video.

I was 7 and they were 15. My experience with them gets far more graphic, but I'll spare you the details. Sufficed to say, all the way into puberty, I was this sibling's living sex toy.

Then with puberty came excessive sexual activity. I was not popular in school but a certain part of my body got all kinds of positive attention for me. So much so, that I identified myself by my wonderful male organ.

Adult life I went through many sexual partners, male and female. So long as they satisfied me sexually, that's all that mattered.

My first marriage was to a woman who was my sexual match. We married too young, too fast... so we didn't last.

Several sexual relationships ensued and I met my current wife, whom I've been with nearly 15 years. Never once have I cheated on this amazing woman.

At age 41, I'm supposed to be slowing down and having less of a libido right? I'm supposed to be the disinterested one, right?

I love my wife with every fiber of my being & will never stray from her. But mentally, psychologically, my sexual appetite and libido and near-compulsive masturbation .... constant sexual thoughts .... it wears me out. It literally makes me cry.

Can you relate? How do YOU cope? What advice can you offer me?
#Hypersexuality #libido #SexualAbuseSurvivors #SexualAbuse #ChildhoodSexualAbuse #SexualTrauma #Sexuality


How to get your libido back while taking antidepressants

My medications has been changed due to my depression. One thing I have noticed is my libido is gone.
It’s hard to climax. #Antidepressants #Depression #libido ##sexlife

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Bedroom issues

I don’t expect anyone to fully understand or have advice with my situation. Mostly writing just to write. First off i want to say my wife is a saint for putting up with me. Now topic at hand. Our sex life is.... not good to put it simple. When we first met i was self medicating and very self destructive because my first wife divorced me because she could not handle my bipolar ups and downs .
But i digress our sex life was great when i was up but the down times..... just glad she likes it rough. So we decided it would be best for me to talk to someone to get help because i was happy, inlove again and still self destructive. The amount of medication i’m on to make me “normal” has acted like chemical castration as well as i was “fixed” after our third child so we would have no more and then mix in the doctors can’t figure out why i have testosterone levels of someone in their 80’s aka almost nonexistent.
So on the rare occasions i actually get in the mood enough to have sex i rarely stay hard or if i do i finish way before her and feel bad about it. Yes i know i can use other methods to get her off but that gets old fast and i feel ashamed. During my low times i sometimes wish she would go find a FWB but know she won’t because that just not her style.
Again i just needed to vent and write. #Sex #libido #depressed


Love or Lost

I’m so tired of fighting with my husband. I feel like he is purposefully being overly harsh with me over things I can’t control. He is crazy defensive when I ask him if he was on the phone or talking to someone , which I have to ask because I hear voices all the time, so if I’m in another room, the only way to know if what I heard was real is to ask. I am fairly hyper sexual but he is basically refusing to sleep with me at all lately, and he says it’s not about me, but I’m starting to think it is. He doesn’t have ED, just a low libido, and he won’t even try. It’s like he is just trying to upset me. Does he really love me? I think he is making my symptoms of paranoia and hallucinations and depression worse and I don’t know if it’s paranoia or not because he says he is being good and loves me, but actions are louder than words! Why is he so defensive? He has always been so understanding of my bipolar and BPD, but he isn’t anymore. I don’t know what to do. ##Love #trustissues #Paranoia #Sex #libido #Bipolar