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It took them two years to tell me that I have sleep apnea!

In 2018 I had a device put on my wrist and finger to measure my oxygen levels as I sleep. I have always had sleep issues. Both falling asleep and staying asleep. So my doctor referred me and that’s what they did. I got told a couple of weeks later that the test came back NORMAL. I never heard from the sleep clinic again... Until today.

I was told that I have sleep apnea and that I stopped breathing during that test. I was told that I need to go and collect a CPAP machine.

It’s completely blown my mind that it’s taken TWO YEARS to tell me that I stop breathing sometimes when I sleep.


#chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicHealthConditions #POTS #EDS #BPD #NAFLD #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #SleepApnea #CPAP #Shocked


#stayathome #Shocked

My uncle had a stroke last week on both sides of his brain and now he has just tested positive for covid19.. this life sucks.


Got Fired Today Over Customer Complaint


My name is Adam and I was a Table Games Dealer at Resorts in Atlantic City up until 10:30 pm tonight! I was fired because a high roller playing at my Blackjack table was betting the table maximum and I wanted to get clear hand signals from him because he was betting a lot of money and he was being irate about this. I told him to please stop yelling and he said I was being a jerk and a dick to him and my supervisor heard the commotion and I told my supervisor he called me a jerk and a dick and the player made a comment about telling the casino manager on me about this! I mean yes he is a high roller and spending all this money here, but that doesn’t give him the right to abuse me. He was pissed drunk by the way. And I was moved to a different table and I thought this was because they didn’t want me to have to deal with this. Apparently I thought management had my back. But the next day I was called into the shift managers office and he told me about the situation and his wife also playing next to him said that I appeared “aggressive” like I was about to punch them!!?? They made me very uncomfortable and I do not remember balling up my fists! And I remember I told the shift manager the night before that I asked for a hand signal from the wife because I thought it was her hand not his hand and I wanted each player to play their own hand. I felt it was a game security procedure. Apparently, my shift manager said that they are “premium” customers and they can’t have this towards guests so they let me go. Anyone ever get fired over a customer complaint blown out of proportion? #Shocked #betrayed

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