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Golden Girl’s Kitchen

Hello 👋 I’ve been slowly working on this pencil sketch of the famous Golden Girl’s kitchen ♥️ I’d love to join Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, & Sophia for a late night cheesecake chat, how about you? ✏️ #workinprogress #JustLikeMe #Art #ArtTherapy #Slowandsteady

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I only write from my heart ❤️ maybe take a minute to read :)

I can relate to this because , for a long period of time , I was waiting to try and figure out what I had lost in life , I was searching for ages but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack . Eventually , I realized I had actually lost myself . I wasn’t me anymore . I wait for tomorrow to come because it’s always a new surprise , because this time last week I didn’t see myself here on this day. But the point in that is , is I kept going . You , reading this right now , you might be like me , overthinking everything , negative thoughts are just an automatic reaction to everything now , and you don’t see the point in life anymore . Well I can tell you something , yesterday , I’m not exactly sure I saw myself here today , and maybe you didn’t either . But I want you to put your hand on your chest and feel that thing beating inside of you, every beat that drum inside your chest makes , you become more alive every minute , it may not feel like it , because me myself I feel very numb and emotionless quiet often. But when I need to , or when I feel like it’s useful for me to do so , I place my hand on my chest or on my pulse and I say to myself ‘ as long as this drum beats , your very much so alive , and you just fought through another day that you told yourself you wouldn’t make it through this morning , well done’ Yes it might sound useless to some , but if your like me , try it , maybe it might help you fight through every day and make it a tiny bit easier in the dark moments , just like it does for myself your doing great , well done :) . #Anxiety #Depression #overthinking #heart #Slowandsteady #MentalHealth


Week 2

I’m learning to take time for myself, and I’m realizing that most of the time when I feel alone it’s because I’ve isolated myself. Learning that I am worthy of love and care is difficult. #Slowandsteady