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My adult grandson is gay he is also mentally challenged help! #Bipolar 1-2 #ADHD #mentally Challenged severe #socially Inappropriate

This is alittle different.
I am the Guardian of my grandson. He's 25 yo. He currently lives in an APD home with several other clients. For years I've known he was gay. Sadly due to him wanting to be like his straight (aides) he always purchased "girlie magazines". Trying to get the B.A. (behavior analysts) to understand his real needs and reduce his frustration (which shows up as raging). I needed someone educated in that area get him what he really wants. Finally that was done 2 yrs ago after I spoke to head BA. His behaviors have improved.
Moving forward how do you suggest I make sure he's getting his needs met? They are only allowed to masturbate using visual stimulation. Staff does change. They are not allowed to have sexual encounters. "I offered to pay for an escort service" but he would be kicked out of the program. This is sad indeed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


New Friends

I really need new friends who understand me. My therapist says I’m extremely isolated and that’s making it harder for me to progress. If anyone wants a BPD 🙃 friend. Please feel free to message me. We can talk about anything, doesn’t have to be mental health stuff. #Newfriends #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #socially isolated #lonely


#emotional numbness has made me such an #socially awakard person , i dono how to get up each day and face the world?

I have totally lost my self confidence , I feel people don't like me , n I have observed I have no personality of my own and hence people don't like to talk to me or stay in touch with me... I have lost all hopes in life . I don't do anything productive in life ..I just live each day so lifeliessly and just waiting when my death approaches me . #Depression #anixety # emotional numbness#mental Illness # support