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    Anxiety Attacks Be Gone! How?

    When you are having a panic attack/anxiety attack, this is the remedy just find a single seat to sit in like a kitchen table chair or similar. Slouch in your straight chair just a little bit not much though and let your arms dangle by your side not moving a muscle but not controlling your arms at all as if they are not part of your body. 2nd step is to close your eyes and make sure you are in a quiet environment. You can even do this outside if that is more comfortable for you in a lawn chair or something similar. Once your eyes are closed think of a nice relaxing vacations spot, at this point your entering a fantasy world and you are taking yourself away from the negative world around you for a few moments. #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #PanicAttack #emotional #MentalHealth

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    How do I express my emotions when I've never connected with them, understand my emotions means I can assist someone else with theirs. I have to be grounded first to be able to ground someone else. #Emotions #Expressions #emotional


    Help me naming an emotion

    I need your help to name an emotion.

    Shame is defined when we feel something is shameful about us.

    Regret is defined when we feel regretful of doing something in the past.

    What is the emotion when we feel shame about FOR EXAMPLE having chronic illness? By that, I do not mean that, er feel something is bad about us; but we feel such a shame I have this in my life whereas others don't have.

    What is name of this emotion?

    #Emotion #chronic #Shame #regret #emotional #Feeling


    Does anyone else get really emotional when they're unwell?

    I know that a lot of us feel unwell most of the time. That probably wasn't a very well phrased title. But what I mean is... Do you get easily upset when you have a cold/flu/infection?

    As an example, back in May I picked up a very nasty stomach bug (that my baby nephew ever-so-lovingly decided to share)... And for the entire day, I just kept breaking down into tears. For pretty much no reason. I don't know if it was frustration or if I'd just had enough... But I've noticed it happens every time I'm unwell.

    I've had a cold for about a week now (several COVID tests have come back negative, despite me being certain this isn't an ordinary cold), and I just keep breaking down at the drop of a hat. My sister brought me a slice of my favourite cake from my favourite bakery and I burst into tears. The level of emotion is crazy. I don't like crying even when I'm feeling okay, so when I suddenly start sobbing, I get angry at myself and then usually end up crying more... I keep wondering if it's simply exhaustion? I'm immuno-compromised, so what other people would call a mild illness, is usually something that knocks me off my feet.

    I'd just like to know if there's anyone else out there that's like this? And if you know of a way I could maybe minimise the tears? I feel so silly.

    #chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #LiverDisease #Diabetes #InterstitialCystitis #cold #Flu #BPD #Migraines #IBS #exhaustion #tired #emotional #unwell #immunosuppressed


    #emotional healing

    Hi everyone welcome new members we can discuss ways to help with emotional healing things ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 and let me know what you want to discuss or get out of this group or the mighty 🦋🌸


    Hey warriors, I'm so sorry I didn't post yet. My Fiance is in the hospital. So I've been kinda emotional for couple days. Once everything Seattle's, I'll post again. Thank you for your patience.
    #Depression #ChronicDepression #Worried #emotional


    Escape to the beach..?????

    I wanna go sit on the beach
    And get so so high
    I wanna dance in the sand bare feet
    Arms reaching the sky

    I wanna get high on the beach
    Observe the power of the sea
    Inhale the fresh air deeply
    Feel peace within me

    I wanna go sit on the beach
    And get so so high
    Emerse my self in freedom
    And let the world go by.

    #substance abuse #Bipolar # b.p.d #emotional intensity #Escape

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    Thoughts that Control

    How do I put into words what my thoughts bring to me? There were times were my therapist in the past would tell me that all feelings come from thoughts.

    But what if what you're feeling can inspire what you are thinking instead? Humm.

    Today I thought about my memorial day weekend. Yesterday was good because I went food shopping. It was amazing because I did not "freak out" at the store. Usually I order my groceries and pick them up, but otherwise when I go with someone to grocery shop I do not feel bad. What did you guys do over the weekend???

    #Thoughts #trouble #Thinking #MentalHealth #Laughs #Goodtimes #badtimes #MemorialDay #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #AnxietyDisorder #PanicDisorder #jobless #emotional


    Rough Day #Depression #CPTSD

    Well today was one of those days... The last two weeks have been a real struggle... Trying to have faith and believe that this season will be over soon? But the pain of feeling like no one understands and your alone is something else... I feel like some days I go through motions and by the end of the day I'm tapped out.. I hate the emotional struggles I go through and demons I have to fight... And when your family life isn't right it add a whole other set of problems... Not having support, love and understanding is the worst. #PTSD #alone #emotional HyperReactivity