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Friend of a friend connections

Something a friend of a friend said that blew my mind... because I thought I was the only one who operated like this: "I'm sorry, my entire Facebook is probably going to fill up with Yule cat (seasonal depression) posts, likely for a while.

Since the move, I haven't had friends close by. This is how I talk to you all, and I'd feel guilty if I more specifically gave play by plays to only a select few (just inundation of cat info).

Because, one on one, you all would be too nice to tell me I'm too much. 😅"


#Bigheart #toomuch #Newfriends

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Photo of one of my walks with one of my babies (2022)

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Looking for advice- unfortunately, about two years ago when my anxiety was unbelievable, I got prescribed Xanax and did indeed become addicted. Very much so. It’s taken almost two years now but I’m almost off. My brains coming back. It’s exciting and also completely terrifying. I haven’t been able to work because of withdrawals, but I’m well enough now to at least get out into the world and start trying.
I miss life. I miss people.
The problem is, in my past, the people I had in my community as friends were not nice people. It’s not a great neighbourhood and holds a lot of dark memories from my past.
I don’t have many people to rely on or even see and it’s led to (along with other things) a huge crash in self esteem and confidence.
What are some things I can do to get out and be social without committing to a job yet? I’ve thought of volunteering but any other ideas are also helpful!

#Benzos #withdrawal #Xanax #valium #Socializing #BPD #social isolation #CovidIsolation #selfisolation #Newfriends


New Friends

I really need new friends who understand me. My therapist says I’m extremely isolated and that’s making it harder for me to progress. If anyone wants a BPD 🙃 friend. Please feel free to message me. We can talk about anything, doesn’t have to be mental health stuff. #Newfriends #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #socially isolated #lonely


Thank You

Thank you for letting me join. I really need support for my BPD. If anyone wants to talk, send me a message. Thanks again 😊 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Newfriends


Is there anyone out there that’s similar to my age (I’m 26) that plays and RPs on World of Warcraft?

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re all as well as you can be and staying safe.

I was just curious... Is there anyone on here that plays World of Warcraft and RPs? I’ve just never met anyone that has a chronic illness and plays WoW. I’d like to make some new friends (or perhaps more if we click) that are geeks like me. 😊

I also do written RP on Discord. And sometimes just the odd little bit here and there in general. I’m forever putting stuff like *grumbles incoherently,* in messages or on Facebook. I mainly prefer paragraphs to one liners, but that’s because I’m a writer and RPing helps to shift the awful Writer’s Block.

Please feel free to comment or message me. And my Discord tag is SilentStorm#0150

Thank you all in advance!

#chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #Migraines #WorldOfWarcraft #WOW #Roleplay #RP #geeks #Discord #Chat #Newfriends #social #Makingfriends

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Brain fog anxiety disorder

I’m new and 20 years old I’m dealing with an anxiety disorder called brain fog,And I’m wondering if anyone else is too?, I can not fully explain this disorder( so please watch this video )she explains it really well 🥰But in my case have you ever felt like your alseep but in reality your awake? Well I go through this everyday 🥺 feeling like I’m watching my life In third person it sucks because you feel as if your schizophrenic and no one understands.Im seeking help and kind people to talk to because I just feel so trapped in my head and can not get out.I am new so I do not know How this app works but if you can Message me I’d gladly appreciate it reaching out and looking for friends to cope to heal and to blossom in life.❤️ #BrainFog .anxiety.disorder #Depression #Anxiety #Newfriends